Risk Management Publications


  1. Broken American Dream—Viewed through the Lens of Europe

    April 2017 | Executive Action Report

    In their new book Sustaining Capitalism, authors Steve Odland and Joseph Minarik at the Committee for Economic Development (CED) of The Conference Board detail solutions for restoring trust in the American system. What can Europe learn from proposed solutions for the United States?

  2. Director Notes: Integrating Creating Shared Value and Corporate Governance

    March 2017 | Director Notes

    This report provides a framework for integrating CSV and corporate governance while examining five examples where a company has adopted the approach as a fundamental part of the company strategy by all parts of the corporation.

  3. Have We Reached a Tipping Point? Insights and Highlights from The Committee on Corporate Political Spending Meeting

    January 2017 | Executive Action Report

    This publication depicts the highlights of a meeting of The Committee on Corporate Political Spending of The Conference Board Governance Center on the topic of corporate political spending disclosure.

  4. CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Regulation and Risk Challenge

    January 2017 | Key Business Issues

    Meeting the regulation and risk challenge in 2017 means updating contingency plans and cyber risk management, improving agility, and exercising fiscal prudence, according to CEOs responding to our annual survey.  

  5. Effect of Gender Diversity on Board Decision-making: Interviews with Board Members and Stakeholders

    January 2017 | Director Notes

    This Director Notes investigates the argument that adding women to boards is good business by looking at some supporting evidence from interviews conducted with French corporate board members and stakeholders in connection with a preliminary qualitative study about the quota system adopted in France in 2011.

  6. China ResearchGraphic: Provincial Economic Risk Assessment - Trends and Drivers

    January 2017 | China Center Publications

    Our recently-released "Economic Risks in ChinaA Provincial View" mapped sub-national economic risk in China. In this latest piece, we further analyze provincial economic risk dynamics by focusing on the primary drivers of this divergence.


  1. 25 Truths about M&A: Insights from the 3rd Annual Corporate Development Conference

    December 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Although mergers & acquisitions activity in early 2016 declined from 2015’s record levels, nearly half of CEOs expect to conduct a domestic transaction this year, and a third expect to do a cross-border deal. 

  2. Research Report: The Federal Budget Deficit and the Public Debt—Dealing with a Lurking Problem

    December 2016 | Committee for Economic Development

    CED warns that the nation’s debt is becoming a critical threat to the US world leadership and prosperity. This report covers the history of the debt, its detrimental effects, and workable, balanced solutions.

  3. Policy Brief: The Federal Budget Deficit and the Public Debt—Dealing with a Lurking Problem

    December 2016 | Committee for Economic Development

    US finances are on an unsustainable path, with annual deficits adding to the debt at a pace exceeding the rate of growth of the economy. In this policy brief, CED recommends practical solutions to the problem.

  4. 25 Truths about Talent Acquisition: Insights from the 3rd Annual Talent Acquisition Conference

    November 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Talent acquisition is no longer a support function—it is a strategic partner that can help a company make money. Attracting the right people is the big challenge.