Marketing & Communications Publications


  1. Staying Ahead of Change and Preparing for 2020: Insights from the 2015 Corporate Brand and Reputation Conference

    November 2015 | Conference KeyNotes

    One of the best ways to build your brand is by getting the marketing, customer service, and sales teams to work together to provide the best customer experience possible.

  2. Is Short-Term Behavior Jeopardizing the Future Prosperity of Business? (CEO Strategic Implications)

    October 2015 | Key Business Issues

    A focus on short-term performance may come at the expense of sustainable value creation. Business leaders need to examine whether current governance structures are jeopardizing long-term performance and consider making adjustments.

  3. Emerging Practices in Cyber Risk Governance (CEO Strategic Implications)

    October 2015 | Key Business Issues

    Is your company at risk for a cyber security breach? This report explores the impact of hacks of Target, Sony, JP Morgan, and Anthem and makes recommendations for better cyber risk governance.

  4. Giving in Numbers: 2015 Edition

    September 2015 | Research Report

    An in-depth analysis of 2014 corporate giving and employee engagement data from 271 of the world's leading companies.

  5. Business Case for Corporate Investment in ESG Practices

    July 2015 | Director Notes

    This report reviews empirical analyses of the return on investment in environmental, social, and governance initiatives and discusses why the positive correlations found by some academics remain disputed by others.

  6. 2015 Strategic Human Resources Communication and Social Media Workshops: New Structures and Processes that Drive Business Success

    June 2015 | Conference KeyNotes

    We are living in an era of communication 2.0, and that changes the nature and responsibilities of the human resources function.

  7. Communicating Social Impact

    June 2015 | Research Report

    How do corporations authentically and effectively communicate the successes of their social initiatives and investments to stakeholders? Find out how leading organizations have effectively integrated promising communications practices into their work.

  8. Joining the Conversation

    May 2015 | Executive Action Report

    Companies are looking to social media not only to get insights on the future of the consumer, but to advance their brands online by building relationships with social media users.

  9. You Know Social Media Is Advancing Your Brand—Now Prove It

    March 2015 | Executive Action Report

    Assessing and communicating the business impact of social media requires assigning values to human reactions, establishing correlations, and adapting or rethinking traditional marketing metrics.


  1. Creating the Right Voice and Content for Social Media

    December 2014 | Executive Action Report

    Companies must craft the right brand voice and content to get a bigger impact from their social branding efforts. Firms are expanding their view of their customers for more opportunities to engage with them.