Labor Markets Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    November 2015 | Economics Watch Reports

    The Euro Area recovery proves resilient, and should continue to mature in 2016.

  2. Global Growth Projections for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2016

    November 2015 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    This paper presents the methodology for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2016, including projections for 11 major regions and individual estimates for 33 mature and 32 emerging market economies for 2016, 2016-2020, and 2021-2025.

  3. Global Economic Outlook 2016: Anticipating Labor Market Tightness at Times of Slow Global Growth (CHRO Strategic Implications)

    November 2015 | Key Business Issues

    What do slow economic growth and tight labor markets around the world mean for CHROs? Human capital practitioners will likely be dealing with weakening corporate profits and pressure to keep talent while keeping costs down.

  4. Global Economic Outlook 2016: How to Support Profits in a Slow Global Economy (CFO Strategic Implications)

    November 2015 | Key Business Issues

    With slowing growth in emerging markets and lackluster growth in mature economies, CFOs should prepare for increasing costs, especially labor costs. Making productivity one of their core business strategies can offset some negatives.

  5. US Labor Supply Problem: Which States Are Most at Risk?

    September 2015 | Executive Action Report

    Companies in states with tightening labor markets should start planning now. Assessing the location and types of jobs at high risk and adjusting recruiting/retention and compensation strategies could mitigate damage.

  6. Job Satisfaction: 2015 Edition: A Lot More Jobs—A Little More Satisfaction

    September 2015 | Research Report

    In the latest survey, US job satisfaction rose slightly for the fourth consecutive year to the highest level since 2008. The increase may be partly due to the tightening labor market.

  7. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Gulf Cooperation Council Edition

    July 2015 | Key Business Issues

    With expected modest global economic growth in 2015, finding topline growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council region’s challenging political and economic climate will not be easy.

  8. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Europe Edition

    July 2015 | Key Business Issues

    CEOs in Europe appear more focused on the highly volatile macro political and economic global risk environment than are CEOs in other parts of the world.

  9. Faster Than Expected: The US Labor Market Continues to Tighten

    July 2015 | Executive Action Report

    Need workers? Tight labor markets have become a problem for US employers. Unemployment, at 5.3 percent in June, continues to drop, making it harder to hire and keep qualified workers.

  10. On the Record with Paul Chodak: President and Chief Operating Officer, Indiana-Michigan Power

    July 2015 | Executive Action Report

    Paul Chodak, president and COO of Indiana-Michigan Power, discusses with The Conference Board the challenges he faces running an electric utility.