Diversity & Inclusion Publications


  1. Moving to the Next Level: Insights from the 11th Annual Women's Leadership Conference

    September 2015 | Conference KeyNotes

    Women in business have come a long way, but moving to absolute parity with men requires continued planning and even consciousness raising on the part of both genders.

  2. On the Record with Dan Reardon: CEO of North Highland

    July 2015 | Executive Action Report

    Based on the CEO Challenge 2015 survey results, Dan Reardon, CEO of North Highland, shares his views on the multigenerational workforce, changing leadership needs, and maintaining strong customer relationships.

  3. Conference Board Human Capital in Review™: Focus on Diversity & Inclusion (Vol. 5, No. 1, 2015)

    April 2015 | Human Capital in Review

    This publication explores hot topics within diversity and inclusion research by providing actionable summaries of contemporary literature. This issue explores future trends in board diversity and paternity/parental leave policies, among others.

  4. Do Ask, Do Tell: Encouraging Employees with Disabilities to Self-Identify

    March 2015 | Research Report

    Employees with disabilities may be the largest "diversity" segment of the workforce, yet few identify themselves as such in the workplace, often because they fear being stigmatized or discriminated against.

  5. Evolution of D&I Management: Current Trends in an Era of Globalization

    February 2015 | Research Report

    Implementing behavioral interventions to address unconscious bias and using analytics to measure D&I progress are two practices uncovered in our interviews with over 30 D&I thought leaders.

  6. Diversity on Corporate Boards: How Much Difference Does “Difference” Make?

    January 2015 | Director Notes

    This report evaluates the case for diversity on corporate boards of directors in light of competing research findings and suggests strategies to promote more inclusive boards.

  7. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: US Edition

    January 2015 | Key Business Issues

    With modest global economic growth expected, US CEOs view Human Capital in all its forms as the primary fuel that will drive the engines of growth in their organizations.


  1. On the Record with Kathy Mazzarella

    November 2014 | Executive Action Report

    Kathy Mazzarella is one of only 24 female CEOs in the Fortune 500 to date. The Conference Board spoke with Mazzarella about her unique trajectory to the top.

  2. Creating the Future by Re-creating the Workplace: Insights from the 2014 Women's Leadership Conference

    October 2014 | Conference KeyNotes

    There is no question women make great leaders. Both organizations and women can take actions to move women further up the corporate ladder.

  3. Second Acts in Prime Time: Helping Employees Transition to Post-retirement Careers

    October 2014 | Executive Action Report

    Innovative firms are rethinking their retirement models to hold on to baby boomer talent and engage employees as they transition to second act careers.