Business Scenarios & Strategic Planning Publications


  1. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Gulf Cooperation Council Edition

    July 2015 | Key Business Issues

    With expected modest global economic growth in 2015, finding topline growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council region’s challenging political and economic climate will not be easy.

  2. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Europe Edition

    July 2015 | Key Business Issues

    CEOs in Europe appear more focused on the highly volatile macro political and economic global risk environment than are CEOs in other parts of the world.

  3. Prioritizing Productivity to Drive Growth, Competitiveness, and Profitability: Strategic Overview

    June 2015 | Key Business Issues

    As global growth and pricing power remain weak, productivity will be the prime source of competitiveness and profitability for most companies—and technology and innovation will need to reemerge as the main drivers of productivity.

  4. Elements of High-Performing Organizations: The 15 Strategies Associated with Increasing Levels of High Performance in an Organization (A Diagnostic To

    June 2015 | Key Business Issues

    Use this diagnostic tool presented in the member report DNA of High-Performing Organizations to assess your organization’s journey to high performance and identify the strengths or challenges you may face toward becoming a high-performing orga

  5. Business Case for Corporate Investment in Sustainable Practices

    May 2015 | Research Report

    A growing body of research based on quantifiable bottom-line results shows that investments in environmental, social, and governance initiatives produce a positive impact on financial market performance.

  6. China Center Special Briefing Paper: Assessing “Returns on Capital” in the Chinese Economy

    May 2015 | China Center Publications

    From an international perspective, China’s capital-to-output ratio is comparatively much higher and its rate of “diminishing returns to capital” is comparatively much faster, suggesting acute inefficiency in Chinese capital investment.

  7. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Australia Edition

    May 2015 | Key Business Issues

    In 2015, CEOs in Australia are focused on customers, talent development, and technology issues.

  8. Getting a Handle on Energy (Strategic Overview)

    April 2015 | Key Business Issues

    Continued energy volatility will produce clear winners and losers. This strategic overview presents a series of scenarios based on various price trajectories and estimates their impact on the business environment.

  9. Getting a Handle on Energy: Global Growth Scenarios in Times of Changing Oil Prices

    April 2015 | Key Business Issues

    Continued oil price volatility and adjustments in production levels and energy composition have the potential to drastically rearrange the global energy landscape in the next few years, producing clear winners and losers.

  10. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Latin America Edition

    April 2015 | Key Business Issues

    In Latin America, CEOs are focused on employee engagement and training to meet the challenges that lie ahead. However, finding topline growth in the region’s economic climate won’t be easy.


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  • Australia 0.2%
  • Brazil 0.8%
  • China 0.9%
  • Euro Area 0.3%
  • France 0.4%
  • Germany 0.1%
  • India 1.5%
  • Japan 0.4%
  • Korea 0.2%
  • Mexico 0.8%
  • Spain 0.4%
  • U.K. 0.2%
  • U.S. 0.2%
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