The CEO Challenge 2003: Top Marketplace and Management Issues

This annual report, based on a survey of over 700 global business leaders and in-depth follow-up interviews, presents the views of CEOs, Chairmen, and Founders on both current forces in the marketplace and the trends they expect to face in 2008.

Topics Covered:

  • Leaders Anticipate a New Era Five Years Out
  • Prediction: Today’s Cost/Price Crunch Will Become a Way of Life
  • Global Trade and the Emergence of Asian Markets
  • The Riddle of Consolidation
  • Cross-Cultural Challenges in the Global Marketplace
  • The New Look of Competition
  • The Role of Human Assets in 2008

Special Features:

  • Participating Executives
  • The CEO Challenge: Year by Year
  • Marketplace Challenges and Management Concerns Broken Down by Industry, Sales Volume, and Geography

CEO Challenge® (46 pgs)
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