Economic Indicators & Forecasting Topics
The CEO Challenge: Top Marketplace and Management Issues-2002
  • Authors:

    David Dell

  • Publication Date:
    October 2002

CEOs recognize that in the current environment decisions will be evaluated by their impact not only on the bottom line but also on their ability to withstand scrutiny and the need to strengthen public trust in an intensified regulatory climate. The CEO Challenge 2002, our annual survey of more than 700 global CEOs, leads strongly to the conclusion that CEOs and their senior managers are most concerned with the kinds of decisions and actions that are appropriate to a time of turmoil and transparency: financial prudence, looking to get more from existing technologies, and building trust with employees and customers.

Topics covered:

  • CEOs Face Tough Realities With Confidence
  • Strategic Response: Leveraging Technology
  • Strategic Response: Leveraging Talent

Special features:

  • 10 tables and charts, including those focusing on industry, sales volume, and geography

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