HR: You're Doing It Wrong: Jones vs. Anastasijevic
  • Publication Date:
    July 2012

If your last name is Jones or Williamson, you are golden. If it is Matyczyn or Gumescheimer, your supervisors and colleagues may be biased against you, which can impact your earnings and your opportunities in both the short and long terms. Studies' results are consistent and have nothing to do with length, unusualness, typicality, foreignness, and orthographic regularity. That’s right: You can be black, white, or beige, from Montana, Mongolia, or Mars, and it won’t matter. It’s all about how your name rolls off the tongue. So if your last name is Johnson, Novak, or Tanaka, you probably breeze through life with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. If your last name is Anastasijevic, Papadopoulos, or Akunyili, you probably trudge through life saying things like, “Yeah, I know it’s a big last name. Just call me Judy."

The Conference Board Review (2 pgs)
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