Priorities vs. Time: How to regain control of your schedule—and your flow of information
  • Publication Date:
    January 2012

Everyone requires administrative help to focus her workweek, prepare/follow up from senior staff meetings, get ready for board meetings and customer visits, or be available to employees. But getting—and staying—on top of the myriad strategic, operational, political, and personal demands of two jobs requires more: The changes that must be thought through and executed are too important for the companies those leaders run and also for the legacies they will leave behind. The leader in such demanding, change-oriented situations must think through the adjustments needed to her style and perspective and then, honestly and objectively, determine whether the support system that has been adequate for one job will enable her to be as effective as she must be to perform both jobs simultaneously.


This article is a companion to "Help Is Here," by Liza Wright.

The Conference Board Review (8 pgs)
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