Mid-Market CEO Challenge 2006

Of the more than 650 CEOs who responded to The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2005 survey, 260 were CEOs of U.S. mid-market companies—those with FY2004 revenues less than $1 billion. Mid-Market CEO Challenge 2006 highlights the most important issues confronting this group of CEOs. In addition to an overview of mid-market survey results, the report also includes lengthy excerpts from five in-depth interviews with CEOs from successful mid-market U.S. companies who participated in the survey.

Topics Covered:

  • The Greatest Mid-Market Challenges
  • A Closer Look
  • Success and Customer Loyalty
  • Size Matters: Priorities by Company Revenue
  • Challenges by Industrial Sector
  • Mid-Market Challenges: What CEOs Are Saying
  • CEOs Interviewed
  • Top-Line Growth: Still the Greatest Challenge
  • Ensuring Strategy Is Spread Throughout the Organization
  • Retaining Customer Loyalty in an Increasingly Competitive Environment
  • Maintaining Steady Profit Growth
  • The Rising Hardship of Employee Healthcare
  • Final Thoughts
  • Appendix A: CEO Challenge Survey Checklist
  • Appendix B: Comparing the Top 10 Mid-Market Challenges of 2006

Research Report (25 pgs)
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