07 April, 2014  — Workshop I: Neuroscience: The Deeper Science of Measuring, Managing and Improving Individual Performance
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07 April, 2014  — Workshop II: Taking the Challenge Out of Measuring Performance
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08 - 09 April, 2014  — Performance Management Conference
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07 April, 2014

Workshop II:

Taking the Challenge Out of Measuring Performance

Measuring the success of a performance management process has historically been challenging.  This workshop is designed to take away the fear around the softer stuff.   Gene Pease, a thought leader in advanced analytics will show participants methods on how to link performance management initiatives to business outcomes and how to measure the progress throughout the deployment. The workshop will cover three key components for successful measurement of performance management: 

  • Measurement Process: A proven methodology that provides the framework for measurement and enables consistency across evaluation efforts
  • Measurement Map: A tool for gaining alignment and linking investments with business outcomes.
  • Measurement Tools: Qualitative and quantitative methods for measuring the success of the program as it is deployed. 

Participants will gain practical insights and a course of action for evaluating their own organization’s investment in performance management.  To demonstrate the application, Gene will share a VF Corporation case study that provides how a performance management process can be measured in the real-world using these workshop’s three key components.  VF Corporation aligned stakeholders of their corporate wide performance management process to gain agreement on the metrics and active support of a measurement study.  In a case study formant that is peppered with stories of success and lessons learned along the way, Gene will discuss how to conduct a study in a large organization.

Gene Pease
Founder and CEO
Vestrics – A Capital Analytics Company