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Insight Minute: Big Data and Human Capital Analytics

What's trending in human capital analytics and big data? Our expert Mary Young tells all in this Insight Minute edition.


Management by the Numbers


People analytics isn't perfect — yet — but it helps eliminate biases in important areas such as recruitment, says Wharton's Cade Massey.



Effective Analytics for Talent Retention


Balancing out task orientation and people orientation can be difficult. Here’s how HCM and analytics comes to the rescue.


HR Gets Analytical


Analyzing massive amounts of data to describe, predict, and prescribe a course of action is changing some HR practices and revealing the importance of others.


WAI Insights 2016

  • Dec 2016: Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity
    To better understand the strategies used by companies in Asia to raise productivity, in October 2016 the Workforce Analytics Institute (WAI) surveyed HR executives across the region, augmented by individual interviews. Three key themes emerged.

  • May 2016: Define Your Workforce Analytics Roadmap
    The Workforce Analytics Institute’s 2015 pulse survey shows that more employers in Asia are taking on workforce analytics, with 92% of respondents in our October survey indicating that they have started or have plans to get started on workforce analytics.

WAI Insights 2015

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Insight Minute- Big Data and Human Capital Analytics

Mary B. Young
Big Data and Human Capital Analytics

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