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Council Program

Unlocking the power of peer learning and networking through the WAI council program

The WAI council program brings together HR and business leaders to focus on how to apply analytics in the context of business and to explore the broader perspective and specific knowledge gained from a confidential peer dialogue. Each council group convenes twice a year over two days, facilitating the shared experiences and enduring relationships that lead to a deeper region-wide understanding. Entry to the council program is included in membership of the WAI and affords:

  • Trusted peer groups: entry to a select community of executives from a broad array of industries, functions and regions
  • Problem solving: your issue becomes the agenda item in our peer-assist process, helping you to find a practical, actionable solution
  • Multi-function learning: work with others from related or distinct functions and geographies to bring a wealth of added perspective
  • Virtual communities: the learning continues beyond face-to-face meetings with online forums and virtual programming
  • Council Touchstones™: confidential online surveys to help address critical business situations
  • Benchmarking: with other organizations
  • Private briefings: from the WAI experts team

Council Program Membership

For information on membership in The Workforce Analytics Institute Councils, please use the contact form below. Or contact Brendan Moran of The Conference Board directly at or +65 6645 4695.

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Find out what members value most about their council membership.

Find out what members value most about their council membership.

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May 29-30, 2017


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