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March 27, 2013 | Engagement as a Business Imperative

  • Please join us for a guided discussion on The Business Imperative of Engagement, led by The Engagement Institute™, where we will address the following:

    • How do CEOs view engagement as a business performance lever?
    • What does your CEO need to make the right decisions?
    • How do we link the work being done in engagement to business performance in a meaningful way?
    • What are the current trends telling us and what is engagement’s role in retention and loyalty?
    • What is The Engagement Institute’s™ mission and how can Industry Leaders and Employee Engagement Practitioners get involved to advance the field?
    • Watch Engagement as a Business Imperative


April 17, 2013 | Leveraging the Organization to Drive Engagement and Performance

  • The Institute will share new research on what employees are really thinking in a time where employee and employer loyalty is most uncertain
  • The Institute will share some ways leading organizations have successfully fostered engagement and improved retention through their talent strategy and agenda
  • Watch Leveraging the Organization to Drive Engagement and Performance


June 6, 2013 | Employee Engagement: What's Next?

  • What lies ahead for employee engagement practices in an era of “big data”? How will the use of analytics impact engagement initiatives, shape talent management processes and inform business issues?
  • How do we build the engaged leader?
  • What will The Engagement Institute membership offer its members? What will happen at the 1st Annual Summit?