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The Conference Board is dedicated to equipping the world's leading corporations with the practical knowledge they need to improve their performance and better serve society. We are an objective, independent source of economic and business knowledge with only one agenda: to help our members understand and deal with the most critical issues of our time.


Deloitte helps organizations effectively manage their human capital to drive business growth. It does this in part by leveraging advanced analytics to develop talent management and business-driven HR strategies to help clients achieve results. Deloitte is a leader in human capital consulting, bringing a combination of business, industry and HR knowledge, supported by the breadth of services and capabilities of a multidisciplinary professional services organization and being part of the global network of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms.

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Since Dr. David Sirota founded our firm in 1972, our mission has been to improve the lives of employees and enable organizations to achieve sustained business success by creating strong and productive relationships.  

We work with leading global organizations to assess The Employee Experience and Leadership & Management Practices, understand the results and their impact on culture and execution, and facilitate action to drive business results.

Our core belief: Surveys are only useful if they lead to strategic action.

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ROI Institute is a consulting firm that travels the world implementing the ROI Methodology into organizations. The team consists of top-minds in the fields of Human Resources, Human Capital Analytics, Marketing & Events, Coaching, Healthcare, etc.

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The Culture Works ensures each cultural enhancement solution is tailored to your unique culture. Gostick and Elton collaborate with company internal experts, studying employee attitude surveys and conducting personal interviews to tailor learnings to your culture and needs.

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The Engagement Institute™ Upcoming Meeting Dates

US Meeting dates in 2017: 

  • April 26 - 28 - Houston, TX
  • June 22 - 23 - New York, NY

EU Meeting Dates in 2017

  • March 27 – 28 - Brussels, Belgium
  • June ; TBD
  • October; TBD

The Engagement Institute™ 2017 Fall Summit

  • November 1-3
The Engagement Institute™ 2017 Brochure

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The Engagement Institute™ 2017 Brochure