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Cohort A, 2017
Company Specific Programmes available
Please contact us to inquire


Company Specific Programmes available. Please contact us to inquire.

Firms use strategic workforce planning (SWP) to ensure they have the right people in the right jobs in the right place and at the right time. 

The Conference Board Strategic Workforce Planning Academy helps participants to develop and refine their talent processes and programs, aided by peers and seasoned SWP practitioners.

Small classes, personal mentors, and face-to-face and virtual meetings over several months will familiarize participants with the latest research in talent supply and demand, flexible labor strategies, and practitioner-identified competencies.

Benefits of attending

Participants develop SWP frameworks and a personal action plan to implement on completion of the program. They develop skills to:

  • Align and integrate SWP with the business strategy
  • Differentiate critical talent for future growth
  • Determine workforce gaps and prepare accordingly
  • Put in place contingency plans to ensure organizational agility
  • Conduct economic, market, and competitive scenario plans
  • Become leaders in the field

Who should attend?

  • VPs, directors and managers of human resources, talent acquisition and recruitment, organizational development, strategy and workforce planning
  • Strategic HR practitioners
  • Business line managers and executives
  • High potential and high-performing human capital and business practitioners
  • Future leaders in the disciplines of HR, OD or the business line 

Why is it relevant?

Human Resources
Talent is one of the top concerns of executive teams and boards. It’s also one of the biggest costs for most companies. SWP generates new information and insights about talent and allows HR professionals to contribute to business strategy, rather than simply executing it. To
do so, however, requires knowledge and skills that have not been traditional strengths in HR, including business acumen, analytical competence and change leadership.

Talent Management, Recruitment and Staffing
SWP provides a disciplined approach to identifying critical roles, aligning talent priorities with business priorities, and weighing the options to buy, build, borrow or rent talent. SWP enables leaders to see the long-term impacts of alternative staffing strategies so they can optimize results and limit human capital risk.

Line Managers and Executives
Many organizations face unprecedented uncertainties: changing economic conditions, emerging markets, next generation technologies, shifting consumer preferences, new regulations and, in some countries, political upheaval. While it’s impossible to predict what the world will look like in three to five years, it is possible to identify the range of circumstances your business must prepare for and weigh the risks and opportunities. SWP helps leaders prepare for game-changing developments so they are poised to execute more effectively than their competitors.

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