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December 2014

Lynn Franco: U.S. consumer confidence on solid footing. 
Dec 30 | Bloomberg TV: Watch

Bart van Ark on falling oil prices and outlook for Chinese economy.
Dec 11 | Bloomberg TV: Watch

Bart van Ark on why Japan needs more than weak yen for growth.
Dec 7 | CNBC: Watch

David Hoffman on China's slump, bleak prospects for reform.
Dec 6 | The GuardianRead
Dec 4 | Bloomberg News: Read

November 2014

Ken Goldstein on November's decline in Consumer Confidence.
Nov 25 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Matteo Tonello on record support for proxy-access proposals. 
Nov 21 | FT AgendaRead

Bart van Ark on the global economic outlook for 2015.
Nov 18 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

October 2014

Can Consumer Confidence Index predict outcome of U.S. elections?
Oct 30 | FortuneRead

David Hoffman on why China is unlikely to meet growth targets.
Oct 21 | FortuneRead
Oct 22 | BusinessweekRead

Donna Dabney on how boards plan for sudden leadership vacancies.
Oct 21 | Wall Street JournalRead

TCB report predicts sharp fall in China's growth over next decade. 
Oct 20 | Wall Street JournalRead
Oct 20 | Bloomberg News: Read
Oct 21 | The New YorkerRead

September 2014

Melissa Aguilar on corp political contributions and proxy season.
Sep 24 | Fierce CFO: Read

B. van Ark & G. Levanon: Time to prepare for labor shortages.
Sep 19 | Financial TimesRead

Demand Institute: Millennials are shaping the future of US housing. 
Sep 16 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen
Sep 16 | CNBC: Listen

New TCB Report: Labor shortages loom for mature economies.
Sep 2 | Wall Street JournalRead
Sep 2 | BusinessweekRead
Sep 2 | CNBC: Watch

August 2014

Matteo Tonello on potential and drawbacks of youthful CEOs.
Aug 26 | CNN Money: Read

Bert Colijn: Labor costs in UK now lower than European neighbors.
Aug 25 | Financial TimesRead

Louise Keely on growing gap btwn strong, weak US housing markets.
Aug 13 | Financial TimesRead

David Hoffman Q&A: China's anti-monopoly push on foreign firms. 
Aug 11 | New York TimesRead

U.S. Employment Trends Index 'tad better' than recent jobs report. 
Aug 5 | New York TimesRead

July 2014

CEO Jon Spector on US Consumer Confidence hitting 7-yr high in July.
Jul 31 | China Central TV: Watch

Gad Levanon on stellar Q2 growth, new momentum in US economy. 
Jul 30 | Financial TimesRead

Matteo Tonello: Burger King aside, very young CEOs still a rarity. 
Jul 24 | BusinessweekRead

Gad Levanon on baby-boomer retirement and the US job market. 
Jul 21 | Bloomberg News: Read

Ken Goldstein on fifth straight monthly increase in the US LEI. 
Jul 18 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Andrew Polk: China growth will be 5%, 2 points less than estimated.
Jul 17 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Louise Keely: US home ownership rate likely to hold steady near 65%.
Jul 12 | Atlanta Journal-Const: Read

Bart van Ark on latest 2014 growth outlooks for major economies. 
Jul 9 | China Central TV: Watch

June 2014

Lynn Franco: US consumer confidence highest since 2008.
Jun 24 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen
Jun 24 | China Central TV: Watch

Harry Wu: True China GDP growth is well below official estimates.
Jun 18 | Wall Street JournalRead

Bart van Ark on why deeper 'digital unification' is key for EU growth.
Jun 13 | Financieele DagbladRead

Lynn Franco: US indicators inching up, driven by high-end consumers. 
Jun 12 | APM Marketplace: Listen

Heir apparent or empty suit? Donna Dabney on role of the COO. 
Jun 12 | APM Marketplace: Listen

Gad Levanon: As US job openings surge, why has hiring stayed flat? 
Jun 10 | Vox: Read

Matteo Tonello: Directors need to study activist hedge funds' tactics.
Jun 3 | IR MagazineRead

TCB study examines growing impact of proxy-advisory firms.
Jun 3 | Wall Street JournalRead

May 2014

Gad Levanon on why U.S. faces labor shortages in decades ahead.
May 28 | FierceCFO: Read

Lynn Franco on May gains in the Consumer Confidence Index.
May 27 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

TCB report finds long-term trend toward CEOs hired from outside.
May 22 | Corporate SecretaryRead

Melissa Aguilar: Allergan deal may be landmark for activist investors.
May 14 | National PostRead

A decade of TCB research reveals best practices for communicating CEO transitions.
May 9 | PR WeekRead

Measure of CEO Confidence: Rise shows CEOs ready to make deals. 
May 9 | Reuters News: Read

Andrew Polk on slower inflation in China, and the risk to business.
May 9 | Wall Street JournalRead

New TCB report finds U.S. faces major labor shortages ahead. 
May 1 | Wall Street JournalRead

April 2014

SEC commissioner Aguilar cites TCB investor engagement study. 
Apr 21 | Speech at Emory U.: Read

Ken Goldstein: LEI up sharply as U.S. leaves rough winter behind.
Apr 21 | Wall Street JournalRead

Matteo Tonello: N. America lags in corp. social responsibility training.
Apr 16 | Corporate CounselRead

Bert Colijn: After mild winter, Euro Area inflation lowest since 2009.
Apr 16 | Financial TimesRead

Andrew Polk on China GDP update.
Apr 15 | Bloomberg News: Read

Succession report 2014: Fewer firings, longer tenures for CEOs .
Apr 9 | Wall Street JournalRead
Apr 9 | Talent ManagementRead 
Apr 11 | ForbesRead

March 2014

Bert Colijn on geopolitical dangers, deflationary risk in Euro economy.
Mar 26 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Lynn Franco: Rising U.S. consumer confidence, faster growth ahead. 
Mar 25 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

TCB conference examines impact of technology on the labor market.
Mar 24 | Wall Street JournalRead

Gad Levanon on why chronic labor shortages are a looming threat.
Mar 21 | Businessweek: Read

Louise Keely on why luxury home-owners are taking on tenants. 
Mar 20 | Wall Street JournalRead

Andrew Polk on the skills shortage facing foreign firms in China.
Mar 20 | Wall Street JournalRead

Task force proposes solutions for corporate/investor engagement.
Mar 13 | New York TimesRead

TCB report: Boards know too little about execs working under CEOs. 
Mar 12 | Washington PostRead

Andrew Polk on weakening RMB, February exports slide in China.
Mar 12 | Quartz: Read
Mar 8 | Wall Street JournalRead

Gad Levanon on US jobs rebound in February despite tough winter.
Mar 7 | Los Angeles TimesRead

February 2014 

U.S. housing outlook: Gap between rich and troubled cities is growing.
Feb 26 | The Atlantic Cities: Read
Feb 26 | Washington PostRead
Feb 26 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Demand Institute projects uneven US housing recovery with analysis for all 50 states and 2000+ cities.
Feb 26 | Reuters News: Read
Feb 26 | Wall Street JournalRead
Feb 26 | TimeRead

Lynn Franco on dip in consumer confidence, lower expectations.
Feb 25 | Bloomberg News: Read
Feb 25 | China Central TV: Watch

Charles Mitchell on why human capital is key for China's CEOs.
Feb 22 | S China Morning PstRead

Ken Goldstein on why U.S. should pick up momentum in spring.
Feb 20 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

Bert Colijn on dangers, potential trajectory of deflation in Europe.
Feb 5 | Bloomberg Radio: Listen

June Shelp on what online job listings reveal about economy.
Feb 5 | APM Marketplace: Listen

January 2014

Growth projected, but TCB report highlights productivity slowdown.
Jan 21 | Financial TimesRead

Bart van Ark on continued global slowdown in productivity growth.
Jan 14 | Financial TimesRead

CEO Challenge 2014 finds leaders focused on workers, customers.
Jan 9 | Financial TimesRead


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