South Asia Publications


  1. Business Cycle Indicators Handbook
    The Business Cycle Indicators Handbook, describes in detail the series in the BCI report and database, and includes articles discussing the value and use of the cyclical indicator approach. (Book, June 2001)

  2. Corporate Governance Handbook 2005: Developments in Best Practices, Compliance, and Legal Standards
    In addition to bringing the 2003 report Corporate Governance Best Practices: A Blueprint for the Post-Enron Era up-to-date, this report is intended to provide boards and management with a compendium of the leading corporate governance practices. (Book, July 2005)

  3. Corporate Governance Handbook 2007: Legal Standards and Board Practices
    This handbook is intended to be an easy-to-use compendium of rapidly evolving laws and rules and the best practices adopted by leading companies. (Book, July 2007)

  4. Corporate Governance Handbook: Legal Standards and Board Practices (Third Edition)

    Revised in 2009, this handbook presents an easy-to-use compendium of rapidly evolving laws and regulations and the best practices adopted by leading companies.

    (Book, September 2009)

  5. Handbook on Corporate Political Activity: Emerging Corporate Governance Issues

    This handbook offers an overview of the legal rules and standard practices related to political activity, as well as a discussion of internal oversight of political spending.

    (Book, November 2010)

Case Studies

  1. Inclusion + Innovation: DBS Bank Ltd

    DBS Bank Ltd is one of four companies profiled in the 2016 Key Business Issues report Inclusion + Innovation: Leveraging Diversity of Thought to Generate Business Growth.

    (Case Studies, February 2016)

CEO Challenge®

  1. CEO Challenge 2003: Top Marketplace and Management Issues
    This annual report presents the views of CEOs, Chairmen, and Founders on both current forces in the marketplace and the trends they expect to face in 2008. (CEO Challenge®, October 2003)

  2. CEO Challenge 2004: Perspectives and Analysis

    This report, based on The Conference Board's CEO Challenge 2004 Survey project, presents the findings of in-depth interviews with 11 CEOs from multinational companies, along with data and analysis of survey respondents' top priorities.

    (CEO Challenge®, November 2004)

  3. CEO Challenge 2006: Perspectives & Analysis
    Summary and analysis of findings from this year's CEO Challenge Survey. (CEO Challenge®, June 2006)

  4. CEO Challenge 2008: Top 10 Challenges – Financial Crisis Edition
    This special Financial Crisis Edition highlights differences between the original CEO Survey responses and the updated responses, and compares results between the United States, Europe, and Asia. (CEO Challenge®, November 2008)