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  1. The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2016: Building Capability – Seeking Alignment, Agility, and Talent to Innovate and Grow

    Since 1999, CEOs from around the world have shared their most pressing business concerns and their strategies for dealing with those challenges. This full-length report details all of the results for six key business issues, yielding insights to today’s leaders on the way forward.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2016)

  2. The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2016: CEO Strategic Implications

    Respondents to our annual CEO Challenge survey show it will take an aligned, agile, and innovative organization to seize opportunities for commercial success. Analysis of CEO responses on six major challenge areas yields insight into the strategies CEOs are employing today to strengthen and grow their organizations.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2016)

  3. The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2016: Hong Kong Regional Report

    Finding sustainable quality growth in the current global and regional economic environment will remain a challenge in 2016, and this region-specific report details what CEOs in Hong Kong plan to do to navigate their unique business landscape.

    (Key Business Issues, March 2016)

  4. The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2016: Asia Regional Report

    In this year’s survey, CEO respondents in the Asia-Pacific region and India focus on building organizational capability and high-performing cultures around engagement, performance, inclusion, and continual improvement to drive better business results and inspire innovation.

    (Key Business Issues, July 2016)


  1. 2009 Outlook for the United States, Euro Area, and China
    While there is a chance for a modest recovery in the Unites State and Europe by the second half of 2009, downside risks remain. China will also affect global growth. (StraightTalk®, December 2008)


  1. Addressing the Talent Shortage in China and India: Leveraging Women in the Workforce

    Women are underutilized in labor markets in Asia. Leveraging women in the workforce is essential to resolve this talent shortage and promote both social and economic development in these countries.

    (Executive Action Report, January 2013)

  2. Are Indian and Chinese Leaders Up to the Job?

    Economic growth in China and India depends on the quality of companies' senior leaders. DDI's Rich Wellins argues that those leaders have too high an opinion of their own abilities.

    (The Conference Board Review, October 2013)

  3. Asia After the Crisis—Challenges for a Return to Rapid Growth: Perspectives on a Global Economy
    What will happen when the current crisis in Asia abates? Is the long-term outlook favorable? Find out in this report. (Research Report, July 1998)

  4. Asia's New Era of Opportunity
    Many changes have been made since the 1997-98 financial crisis in Asia. Can these changes provide Asian economies with a critical source of home-grown capital? (Executive Action Report, August 2004)

  5. Assessing the Risks in Asia

    May 2005

    (StraightTalk®, May 2005)