Europe Publications


  1. 2010 Productivity Brief: Productivity, Employment, and Growth in the World's Economies
    The recession left its mark on global productivity, which fell in 2009. With recovery expected in 2010, advanced economies will see renewed productivity gains but continue to shed workers. (Executive Action Report, January 2010)


  1. 2013 Extending Your Brand to Employees Conference KeyNotes Report
    Your brand is only as strong as your employees, so build an emotional connection to the brand that allows them to live your purpose and exhibit brand-specific behavior. (Conference KeyNotes, August 2013)

  2. 2013 Summit on Sustainability Conference KeyNotes Report
    Many firms no longer see a contradiction between doing good and making a profit, and are incorporating sustainability into their operations and business models. (Conference KeyNotes, July 2013)


  1. 2014 Executive Coaching Survey
    External and internal coaching are being used to develop critical skills. This report focuses on both practices and allows organizations to benchmark against more than 140 respondents. (Research Report, December 2014)


  1. Achieving a Successful Annual Meeting

    Responsibility for successful annual general meetings rests with each company’s management and board. Both should ensure the meeting informs and educates stakeholders on the links between governance and business strategy.

    (Director Notes, January 2013)

  2. Achieving Resilience: Planning for Flexibility during Crisis
    Planning and preparation are as essential as ever, but now they must be flexible, incorporating the capacity to respond to unique developments in a crisis. (Executive Action Report, September 2011)

  3. Activism of Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman
    It is increasingly important for directors to understand the governance failures that attract activist investors and the tactics activists use to advance investor arguments for changes in target companies. (Director Notes, May 2014)

  4. Addressing National Talent Shortages: What Countries Are Doing, What Companies Can Learn

    Companies can learn a lot about effective strategic workforce planning by looking at the steps India, Canada, and Singapore are taking to shore up their future talent supply needs.

    (Research Report, September 2013)

  5. Allianz SE

    A company profile from the 2015 report Driving Revenue Growth through Sustainable Products and Services.

    (Case Studies, June 2015)

  6. Answering The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2012: Innovation Leads, Uncertainty Lingers
    Is today’s C-suite taking full advantage of its organization’s quality executives and function as a way to answer its most pressing challenges? (Council Perspectives, May 2012)