Asia Pacific Publications


  1. 12th Annual Executive Coaching Conference: The Impact of Coaching Conversations on Creating the Future for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

    Coaching can help strengthen the bench to prepare for baby boomer retirement. Some companies are also developing coaching capacity in their leaders, so that they may provide ongoing coaching to their teams, creating a coaching culture.

    (Conference KeyNotes, May 2015)


  1. 2014 Executive Coaching Survey
    External and internal coaching are being used to develop critical skills. This report focuses on both practices and allows organizations to benchmark against more than 140 respondents. (Research Report, December 2014)


  1. Adding Value in Shared Services . . . Insourcing, Outsourcing, and Offshoring
    Companies are closely examining insourcing, outsourcing, and offshoring to decide which approach delivers the best support services at the lowest cost. What is the best solution? (Executive Action Report, July 2004)

  2. Addressing National Talent Shortages: What Countries Are Doing, What Companies Can Learn

    Companies can learn a lot about effective strategic workforce planning by looking at the steps India, Canada, and Singapore are taking to shore up their future talent supply needs.

    (Research Report, September 2013)

  3. Addressing the Talent Shortage in China and India: Leveraging Women in the Workforce

    Women are underutilized in labor markets in Asia. Leveraging women in the workforce is essential to resolve this talent shortage and promote both social and economic development in these countries.

    (Executive Action Report, January 2013)

  4. Allianz SE

    A company profile from the 2015 report Driving Revenue Growth through Sustainable Products and Services.

    (Case Studies, June 2015)

  5. Are Indian and Chinese Leaders Up to the Job?

    Economic growth in China and India depends on the quality of companies' senior leaders. DDI's Rich Wellins argues that those leaders have too high an opinion of their own abilities.

    (The Conference Board Review, October 2013)

  6. Asia's New Era of Opportunity
    Many changes have been made since the 1997-98 financial crisis in Asia. Can these changes provide Asian economies with a critical source of home-grown capital? (Executive Action Report, August 2004)

  7. Assessing the Risks of an Economic Downturn in Japan
    The earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan will undoubtedly have a negative effect on Japan’s economy, but there is more to the story. (Executive Action Report, April 2011)


  1. A Brief Overview of Corporate Governance Reforms in India

    It remains to be seen whether India’s recent voluntary corporate governance measures will become mandatory for all companies through a revision of the Companies Act.

    (Director Notes, December 2010)