China Publications


  1. China ResearchGraphic: The Big Cleanup—What Are China's National Green Policy Targets?

    China’s environment has suffered immensely from economic growth, and a major and sustained environmental cleanup is looming. Understanding the plans and targets is thus critical to detecting policy changes and assuring organizational readiness.

    (China Center Publications, April 2016)

  2. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Relief from declining oil and commodity prices may stabilize growth in emerging economies temporarily, but structural issues remain.

    (Economics Watch Reports, April 2016)

  3. China Center Quick Note: China, the WTO, and the "Market Economy Status" Debate

    Has China become a market economy?

    (China Center Publications, April 2016)

  4. China ResearchGraphic: Labor Strife in China -- Anticipating Stress Points, Preparing to Respond

    As China's economic slowdown deepens and associated volatilities increase, labor unrest is on the rise. Data collected by China Labor Bulletin, a Hong Kong-based NGO, shows that the number of labor strikes has increased dramatically over the past three years.

    (China Center Publications, April 2016)

  5. China ResearchGraphic - Income, Consumption, and Savings in China: Now and in 2025

    How will disposable income and consumption evolve for Chinese households?

    (China Center Publications, April 2016)

  6. China Center Quick Take: China's New Charity Law -- What's the Impact on Corporate Giving Programs?

    Last month, China’s first comprehensive charity law was passed by the National People’s Congress. Critics argue that the law aims to co-opt civil society to support the government’s interests, but if implemented well, the new law should yield an improved operating environment for MNCs working with local nonprofits on community engagement and other CSR programs.

    (China Center Publications, April 2016)

  7. Deep Dive Exchange Series: Labor Strife in China - Anticipating Stress Points, Preparing to Respond

    A summary of discussion points, learnings, lessons, and business implications from the March 2016 convening of The Conference Board China Center in Shanghai.

    (China Center Publications, April 2016)

  8. Conference Board Economics Watch Emerging Markets View

    Emerging market’s economic fundamentals remain weak, despite recent abatement of volatility in global financial and commodity markets.

    (Economics Watch Reports, March 2016)

  9. China Center Quick Note: China's 2015 GDP Assessment

    In collaboration with Professor Harry Wu, The Conference Board recently completed an alternative GDP estimate for China for 2015 as well as a revision of the previous alternative series, focusing on the period from 2000 onward. We arrive at an estimate of 3.8 percent growth for 2015. 

    (China Center Publications, March 2016)

  10. China Center Data Flash: NPC steps up policy response as growth sags further

    China’s economy has once again started off the year on a weak footing. Last week the Customs Bureau revealed that exports shrank by a full 25 percent in February – indicating a terrible external environment on top of the domestic sluggishness. 

    (China Center Publications, March 2016)