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  1. China Center Data Flash - 7% questionable for Q2...but June did see a touch of sequential acceleration

    The NBS reported that official GDP growth for the second quarter came in at 7 percent y-o-y, unchanged from the first quarter’s growth rate. Frankly, the headline growth print is suspect. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2015)

  2. China Center Quick Note: Beijing’s Pyrrhic Victory Over the Equity Rout

    While the ultimate outcome of this episode remains to be seen, we draw some interim conclusions regarding the outlook for China’s financial markets, the real economy, the MNC business environment, and the broader reform agenda. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2015)

  3. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Europe Edition

    CEOs in Europe appear more focused on the highly volatile macro political and economic global risk environment than are CEOs in other parts of the world.

    (Key Business Issues, July 2015)

  4. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    Moderate growth path ahead remains most likely scenario

    (Economics Watch Reports, July 2015)

  5. Business Case for Corporate Investment in ESG Practices

    This report reviews empirical analyses of the return on investment in environmental, social, and governance initiatives and discusses why the positive correlations found by some academics remain disputed by others.

    (Director Notes, July 2015)

  6. China CEO Council Session Report -- Getting to a "New Normal"

    A summary of discussion points, learnings, business issues, poll results, and member insights from the June 11, 2015, China CEO Council in Shanghai.

    (China Center Publications, July 2015)

  7. Faster Than Expected: The US Labor Market Continues to Tighten

    Need workers? Tight labor markets have become a problem for US employers. Unemployment, at 5.3 percent in June, continues to drop, making it harder to hire and keep qualified workers.

    (Executive Action Report, July 2015)

  8. On the Record with Dan Reardon: CEO of North Highland

    Based on the CEO Challenge 2015 survey results, Dan Reardon, CEO of North Highland, shares his views on the multigenerational workforce, changing leadership needs, and maintaining strong customer relationships.

    (Executive Action Report, July 2015)

  9. On the Record with Paul Chodak: President and Chief Operating Officer, Indiana-Michigan Power

    Paul Chodak, president and COO of Indiana-Michigan Power, discusses with The Conference Board the challenges he faces running an electric utility.

    (Executive Action Report, July 2015)

  10. Harnessing the Power of Human Capital: Insights from the 2015 Strategic HR Conference
    The HR function has become a strategic partner that is central to helping organizations solve complex business problems such as declining productivity, labor shortages, and skill gaps. (Conference KeyNotes, July 2015)