Europe Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    The Euro Area was on a moderate recovery path before the EU referendum. In reaction to Brexit, investors moved their capital toward less risky assets, bringing to the surface the weakness of the Italian banks and uncertainty around future investment decisions.

    (Economics Watch Reports, July 2016)

  2. Job Satisfaction: 2016 Edition: Tightening Labor Market Means More Opportunity, More Satisfaction

    Nearly half of US workers (49.6 percent), the highest percentage since 2005, are satisfied with their jobs. The tightening labor market may be partly responsible for this uptick in sentiment.

    (Research Report, July 2016)

  3. 25 Truths about Diversity & Inclusion: Insights from the 20th Annual Diversity & Inclusion Conference

    The diversity and inclusion function is growing to encompass not only race and religion but also sexuality, ability, and thinking. Inclusion means understanding bias and disrupting old thought patterns.

    (Conference KeyNotes, July 2016)

  4. Digital Transformation: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Human Capital?

    Within an enterprise, digital transformation often leads to significant changes in business strategy that  may reshape a company or disrupt an entire industry. These changes translate into new human capital challenges.

    (Key Business Issues, July 2016)

  5. Digital Transformation: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Human Capital? (CHRO Business Implications)

    “Can we combine talent data with other kinds of data to demonstrate to others how talent factors are related to business outcomes?” and nine other digital transformation-related questions CHROs should ask now.

    (Key Business Issues, July 2016)

  6. Digital Transformation: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Human Capital? (CEO Business Implications)

    Consider whether the executive team is equipped to lead digital transformation or whether additional expertise is needed: one of six actions CEOs need to take to accelerate digital transformation in their organizations.

    (Key Business Issues, July 2016)

  7. ICT Prices and ICT Services: What do they tell us about productivity and technology?

    This paper reassesses the link between ICT prices, technology, and productivity. The currently available information on ICT asset prices and ICT services is put under a microscope, and official prices are found to substantially understate actual ICT price declines.

    (Economics Program Working Paper Series, July 2016)

  8. China Center Quick Note: China & Brexit

    There are several ways to assess China’s exposure to the events in Europe, including examining China’s engagement with the UK and the EU in terms of international trade, FDI flows, and the RMB. Equally important, however, is to consider what Brexit means for China’s engagement with Europe on a geo-economic and geopolitical scale. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2016)

  9. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Recent moderate optimism on the Euro Area economy has rapidly vanished as a consequence of the unexpected result of the referendum in the UK on June 23.

    (Economics Watch Reports, July 2016)

  10. 25 Truths about Corporate Communications

    Stakeholders and the public expect companies to play fair and contribute to society. It falls to corporate communications to explain the company’s societal relevance and the value it contributes—beyond financial metrics.

    (Conference KeyNotes, June 2016)