China Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Emerging markets see improvement in sentiment, but strong headwinds are likely to cap the upside in growth.

    (Economics Watch Reports, April 2017)

  2. China Center Data Flash: Tightening clamps on the housing market should exert some drag on growth in the near term

    The economic targets for 2017 announced in March include a lower GDP growth rate and more job creation compared to 2016, suggesting that the government is willing to accept lower growth in exchange for risk containment, so long as employment is maintained. 

    (China Center Publications, April 2017)

  3. China Center Reference Paper: The New China Ideology -- Trump's Team

    The people the new president surrounds himself with will shape the future of US-China business relations. Who are they and what do we know about their thinking?

    (China Center Publications, April 2017)

  4. Deep Dive Exchange Series: China's New Capital Controls -- Prognosis and Response

    A summary of discussion points, learnings, lessons, and business implications from the March 2017 convening of The Conference Board China Center in Shanghai.

    (China Center Publications, April 2017)

  5. China Center Chart Dive: Disability in the workplace—the next frontier for diversity & inclusion programs in China?

    Due to stigma, discrimination, and a lack of effective government strategies, persons with disabilities (PWDs) in China are economically and socially marginalized, with limited access to education, training programs, and work opportunities (China’s unemployment rate for PWDs is more than three times that of the general population).

    (China Center Publications, March 2017)

  6. China Center Chart Dive: RMB fundamentals weakened in 2016, and are likely to further deteriorate

    A weakening USD in January appears to have eased downward pressure on the RMB. This situation is likely to be temporary given the predicted strengthening of the USD in response to US Fed rate hikes.

    (China Center Publications, March 2017)

  7. CEO Challenge 2017: Leading through Risk, Disruption, and Transformation—Asia-Pacific/China Report

    This report, part of The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2017 series, compares the most pressing business challenges of CEOs globally with those of CEOs in Asia-Pacific and China—along with the strategies CEOs deem most critical for meeting those challenges.

    (Key Business Issues, March 2017)

  8. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Economic expansion in emerging markets remains weak and fragile as vulnerability and downside risks mount.

    (Economics Watch Reports, March 2017)

  9. China Center Chart Dive: New data reveal less severe trade imbalance between the US and China

    A new analysis from The Conference Board brings vast and complex global value chain dependencies into resolution and, in doing so, paints a starkly different picture of the bilateral trade imbalance. 

    (China Center Publications, March 2017)

  10. China Center Quick Note: Hope for the best, plan for the worst -- A look at the potential negative consequences of US-China friction

    China’s treatment of Norway, South Korea, and Japan during recent politically motivated economic disputes is instructive for understanding how Beijing may respond to provocations from Washington. Foreign MNCs, especially US brands, should catalog their potential risk exposures stemming from China’s formal and informal retaliatory tools and make appropriate preparations.

    (China Center Publications, March 2017)