China Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Emerging economies are likely to have another challenging year in 2016.

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2016)

  2. China Center Quick Note: Back to Basics -- The CCP at 95

    Since assuming command of the Communist Party of China (CCP) in late 2012, Xi Jinping has overseen one of the most fundamental transformations of the party in at least three decades. Already, this shift has effectively changed, and will continue to change, the government relations requirements for MNCs in China.

    (China Center Publications, September 2016)

  3. China Center Data Flash: Acquiescing to lower growth?

    Credit creation slowed more than expected in July, but the PBOC isn’t easing monetary policy yet and has publicly stated it won’t be doing so. This is a positive factor, assuming it persists, for facilitating long overdue economic restructuring.

    (China Center Publications, September 2016)

  4. China Center Chart Dive: Watch out for a housing price down-cycle and its knock-on effects

    There is a strong correlation between China’s monetary cycles and housing price cycles, but it is important to note that a down-cycle in housing prices means slower price growth, and not necessarily negative price growth. 

    (China Center Publications, September 2016)

  5. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2016: Will Greater Uncertainty Lead to Business Investment Paralysis?

    Will greater uncertainty lead to business investment paralysis? In this issue of StraightTalk, Chief Economist Bart van Ark looks at the business implications of economic uncertainty and weakening of US corporate profits.

    (Key Business Issues, September 2016)

  6. China Center Chart Dive: The CFETS Basket and RMB Valuation—How It Works and Why It Matters

    China is now using 13 separate exchange rates to create a new index-based approach to help it manage the value of its currency. Known as the "CFETS basket" (China Foreign Exchange Trade System), this new tool is a weighted index designed to decouple the RMB from the USD.

    (China Center Publications, August 2016)

  7. China CEO Council Session Report - Getting through to 2022

    A simplified summary of selected premises and insights from the June 2, 2016, China CEO Council meeting in Beijing. Some 30 MNC country heads and deputies attended the session, which was hosted by Microsoft. This report summarizes and supplements the PowerPoint workshop decks used for the session.

    (China Center Publications, August 2016)

  8. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Despite modest improvement in manufacturing, persistent overcapacity continues to weigh on emerging markets’ growth in 2016.

    (Economics Watch Reports, August 2016)

  9. China Center Quick Note: China's New "Going Out"

    China’s previous Going Out campaign was dominated by large, old-economy, industrial SOEs, but that has changed rapidly over the past two years; new key players – both State and private – are now focused on new-economy innovation prizes.

    (China Center Publications, August 2016)

  10. End of Cold, Hard Cash and the Global Shift toward Cashless Consumer Payments

    We summarize the global shift to cashless consumer payments and the opportunities for consumer-facing businesses as they navigate the change.

    (Executive Summary, August 2016)