China Publications


  1. Digital Transformation: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Human Capital?

    Based on a literature review, interviews with leading experts, and company examples, this report builds the foundation for a series of reports to be released in the next few years.

    (Key Business Issues Listing, November 2016)

  2. China Center Quick Note: The US election-an unexpected de-stabilizer

    Donald Trump’s likely behavior toward China is almost entirely unknowable; until more of his intentions are clarified MNC leaders will need to adjust to a period of persistent uncertainty.

    (China Center Publications, November 2016)

  3. China Center Quick Note: New China Model(s) -- Revisiting the MNC Playbook for a Rapidly Changing China

    History shows that alignment with and contribution to desired growth model outcomes, as recognized and appreciated from the perspective of China’s leading group at the time, can beget market opportunities for MNCs, quid pro quo.

    (China Center Publications, November 2016)

  4. Navigating the New Digital Economy: Driving Digital Growth and Productivity from Installation to Deployment

    Companies are massively investing in digitization, but the results are variable and trends are moving so quickly that strategizing is very difficult.

    (Key Business Issues Listing, November 2016)

  5. Conference Board Economics Watch Emerging Markets View

    A projected stabilization in energy and commodity prices may provide a small tailwind for resource-rich economies in 2017, but emerging markets' medium-term growth trend continues to be dominated by weaker growth in  investment and labor supply. 

    (Economics Watch Reports, November 2016)

  6. Global Economic Outlook 2017 Emerging Asia: Navigating through Economic Turbulence

    Asia remains robust but vulnerable to the global slowdown. We project 2017 growth of 4.7 percent for this fast-growing region. Companies doing business there should prepare for more uncertainty. 

    (Key Business Issues, November 2016)

  7. China Center Data Flash: Stability Lull Leads to Risk-Curbing Policy Stance—Will It Stick?

    Q3 economic data from China indicate firming aggregate growth, but again the growth uptick and apparent stability are primarily credit and debt driven. 

    (China Center Publications, November 2016)

  8. China Center Quick Take: Xi Is the "Core" of the CCP—What Does It Mean for China's Reform Agenda?

    By inheriting the mantle of “core” of the Central Committee, Chinese President Xi Jinping has affirmed his dominance over other Chinese Communist Party leaders and elders.

    (China Center Publications, November 2016)

  9. China Center Quick Note: The US election and the decline of the TPP

    What the American antiglobalization moment means for China.

    (China Center Publications, October 2016)

  10. China Center Quick Note: The RMB’s Rise -- IMF SDR Inclusion

    The IMF’s formal adoption of the RMB into the Special Drawing Rights is not a game changer for international finance. The RMB is unlikely to inspire the prerequisite confidence to be deemed a “safe haven” currency anytime soon. 

    (China Center Publications, October 2016)