China Publications


  1. International Comparisons of Manufacturing Unit Labor Costs: Sources, Trends, and New Directions

    Unit labor cost (ULC), defined as labor compensation per unit of output, is a widely used measure of international cost competitiveness. ULC trends, however, differ widely across countries and, traditionally, have been explained in terms of underlying movements in productivity, compensation, and exchange rates. This paper makes a first attempt to adjust unit labor cost measures for product quality differences in export baskets between countries, using unit values of exported products.

    (Economics Program Working Paper Series, January 2016)

  2. Conference Board Economics Watch Emerging Markets View

    Renewed financial market turbulence add to downside risks for emerging markets growth

    (Economics Watch Reports, January 2016)

  3. Handbook on Corporate Governance in India: Legal Standards and Board Practices

    Recently introduced legal requirements are explained in light of the specific characteristics of India’s business ownership structures and put into the historical context of corporate governance reforms in the country.

    (Research Report, January 2016)

  4. Conference Board CEO Challenge 2016: CEO Strategic Implications

    Respondents to our annual CEO Challenge survey show it will take an aligned, agile, and innovative organization to seize opportunities for commercial success. Analysis of CEO responses on six major challenge areas yields insight into the strategies CEOs are employing today to strengthen and grow their organizations.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2016)

  5. Conference Board CEO Challenge 2016: Building Capability – Seeking Alignment, Agility, and Talent to Innovate and Grow

    Since 1999, CEOs from around the world have shared their most pressing business concerns and their strategies for dealing with those challenges. This full-length report details all of the results for six key business issues, yielding insights to today’s leaders on the way forward.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2016)

  6. China Center Quick Note: Credit Where Credit is due -- China's Emerging Social Credit Scoring System

    One easy way to think of the proposed social credit score is as a “consumerised” and Big Data-driven rebirth of the dang’an, the Mao-era system of compiling a comprehensive data profile of each Chinese citizen. 

    (China Center Publications, January 2016)

  7. China CEO Council Session Report - Masters vs. Markets

    A summary of discussion points, learnings, business issues, poll results, and member insights from the November 12, 2015, China CEO Council in Shanghai.

    (China Center Publications, January 2016)


  1. China Center Special Briefing Paper: Growth Impacts of China’s Premature Demographic Transition

    With the demographic dividend period well behind us, China now bears a significant demographic cost.

    (China Center Publications, December 2015)

  2. China Center Data Flash: A temporary impact -- autos and infrastructure "stabilize" growth in Q4

    As 2015 came to a close, China’s economic data remained mixed.

    (China Center Publications, December 2015)

  3. No More Tiers: Navigating the Future of Consumer Demand across China's Cities (CHRO Strategic Implications)

    For the chief human resources officer, this report helps identify new talent and human resources management requirements related to city-level economic developments that affect market selection priorities and associated location decisions.

    (Key Business Issues, December 2015)