China Publications


  1. China Center Data Flash: June data beats expectations, but marginal slowdown still likely in 2H

    The marginal growth rebound posted in 1H was cyclical. However, an uptick in exports, the resilience in consumption growth, and tailwinds from the subsiding housing market boom and infrastructure spending have fueled the continuation of growth thus far into 2H. 

    (China Center Publications, August 2017)

  2. China Center Chart Dive: China's labor compensation share of GDP is on the rise; this should be good for consumption in the near-term

    High household savings rates have worked to constrain consumption in China for a long time. However, recent data suggests a decline in Chinese savings rates. This may partially explain the resilience of consumption growth in China, even as the country’s overall economic growth continues to slow.

    (China Center Publications, August 2017)

  3. China Center Chart Dive: If China trade sneezes, where are Asian countries vulnerable to catching a cold?

    Economic and commercial developments in China, good or bad, clearly have the potential to propagate to nearly every corner of the global economy. But the nature and degree of China exposure in Australia, Indonesia, and Japan, for instance, differ from South Korea and Taiwan. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2017)

  4. China Center Data Flash: Steady growth outlook gives headroom for continued efforts to slow credit growth

    With a policy stance in China clearly focused on financial risk containment, growth continues to taper off in monetary expansion and housing sales. There are no signals of a change in this policy trajectory, so the tapering off should continue in the near term. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2017)

  5. China Center Chart Dive: Workforce skill gaps loom large for Made in China 2025

    Talent challenges are likely to drag on the progress of China’s major new plan to modernize and upgrade its manufacturing sector, the controversial and contentious “Made in China 2025” initiative.

    (China Center Publications, June 2017)

  6. Drafting the 'Dream Team': Leveraging Analytics to Acquire Top Talent in Asia

    Using workforce analytics, organizations can systematically examine and evaluate the quality of their talent acquisition strategies to identify and implement the most effective means for finding talent. 

    (Research Report, June 2017)

  7. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Recent downside risks challenge the outlook for emerging markets for remainder of the year.

    (Economics Watch Reports, June 2017)

  8. A Roadmap to Sustainable Supply Chain Standards: Decoding Progress, Challenges, and Best Practices

    This report is a resource for understanding how sustainable supply chain standards and codes of conduct are evolving, and how companies can adapt to increasing demands for global transparency and accountability.

    (Key Business Issues, June 2017)

  9. China Center Quick Note: The Belt and Road -- Globalization with Chinese Characteristics

    Most emerging markets within the “One Belt, One Road” geography find Beijing’s geo-economic vision for Eurasian integration compelling, at least for now; developed country political leaders and MNC executives should incorporate this reality into their planning assumptions for the region.

    (China Center Publications, June 2017)

  10. Sustainability Practices in Asia-Pacific

    We analyze the 2015 disclosure of environmental and social practices by public companies in 12 Asia-Pacific markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    (Research Report, May 2017)