The Americas Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    Springing forward to a temperate summer: Some rebound in the second quarter is expected, but there is little indication of a turnaround in business investment.

    (Economics Watch Reports, May 2016)

  2. Global Economic Outlook 2016: Sub-Saharan Africa: Climbing a Steeper Hill?

    As sub-Saharan Africa’s growth pains continue in the coming decade, businesses must adopt a range of strategies to succeed across different groups of economies (undiversified, agricultural, frontier, and fragile) in the region.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2016)

  3. ICT Prices and ICT Services: What do they tell us about productivity and technology?

    This paper reassesses the link between ICT prices, technology, and productivity. The currently available information on ICT asset prices and ICT services is put under a microscope, and official prices are found to substantially understate actual ICT price declines.

    (Economics Program Working Paper Series, May 2016)

  4. Navigating the Digital Economy: Capturing the Benefits from Increased Flexibility and Cost Reductions – CFO Implications

    The New Digital Economy has potential to significantly impact cost and revenue models. Revisiting these models and understanding the dynamics of this new context are a priority for financial executives.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2016)

  5. Navigating the Digital Economy: Managing Demand and Supply for Digital Jobs and Developing a Tech-Savvy Workforce – CHRO Implications

    The rise of the New Digital Economy is reshaping global labor markets. It offers opportunities, but also challenges in adjusting to labor shortages and changing demands for digital workers.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2016)

  6. Navigating the Digital Economy: Driving Digital Growth and Productivity from Installation to Deployment – CEO and CSO Implications

    Despite massive investments, digitization hasn’t recharged the economy. In the future, will we see small innovations and more slow growth—or a transformation that drives explosive growth?

    (Key Business Issues, May 2016)

  7. Navigating the Digital Economy: Driving Digital Growth and Productivity from Installation to Deployment

    Our latest research examines the conundrum of the New Digital Economy: the economy is digitizing at an unprecedented pace, but so far hasn’t produced faster economic growth or productivity.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2016)

  8. 25 Truths about Employee Health Care

    When employers succeed in improving employees’ health, it’s a win-win: they gain a more energized workforce, and cost savings follow.

    (Conference KeyNotes, May 2016)

  9. 25 Truths about Strategic HR: Insights from the 2nd Annual Strategic HR Conference

    Today’s HR function is a strategic partner to the C-suite, shaping not only talent but culture, learning, technology, and values. It does this by anticipating strategic needs, mastering ambiguity, and becoming even more agile.

    (Conference KeyNotes, May 2016)

  10. China ResearchGraphic: The Growing Importance of Sustainability Reporting in China

    The Chinese government’s intensifying focus on improving the sustainability reporting of local companies indicates that better sustainability reporting is desired by regulators, and the demand of the Chinese public for better sustainability standards, enforcement, and transparency is driving this trend.

    (China Center Publications, May 2016)