United States Publications


  1. China Center Insight Compilation: China's Demographic Shift and Its Impact on MNC Business

    Collated in this compilation are extracts of pieces that summarize our thinking on China's momentous demographic transition and its impacts on labor and workforce dynamics and on MNC business in China.

    (China Center Publications, May 2018)

  2. China Center Research Brief: Collateral Damage -- American & European exporters in China

    Tariffs on China, if they manifest, will hit everyone “under the specified category,” including many US exporters in China, as well as their respective suppliers both in and outside of China. 

    (China Center Publications, May 2018)

  3. ESG Rating and Ranking Initiatives -- A Necessary Evil?

    This publication provides an overview of how ESG initiatives came about, including their emergence and evolution. It draws upon inputs from users in relation to these initiatives.

    (Executive Action Report, May 2018)

  4. 23 Truths about Leadership Development

    Leaders are made, not born. Organizations make great leaders by fostering connections, through clear, efficient development programs. And they measure their leaders by measuring the results they produce.

    (Conference KeyNotes, May 2018)

  5. 25 Truths about Joint Ventures: Insights from the 2018 Joint Ventures Conference

    Joint venture are complex, but they can work if you don’t rush the deal and take the time to develop trust and understand your partners.

    (Conference KeyNotes, May 2018)

  6. Conference Board Economics Watch® Economic Series Report

    Monthly economic series report.

    (Economics Watch Reports, May 2018)

  7. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    Trade and tech sector risks cloud a strong US outlook.

    (Economics Watch Reports, May 2018)

  8. Just What Is the Corporate Director's Job? Highlights of Perspectives on the Board Member's Job Description

    Peruse the main points from more than 10 roundtable discussions with stakeholders, updated regularly as new reports are produced.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2018)

  9. Just What Is the Corporate Director's Job? Activist Hedge Fund Perspectives on the Board Member's Job Description

    One of the most important attributes activist hedge funds seek in a director is the ability to act "as if they owned the company." The perspectives of activist hedge investors differ from the stakeholders in the previous five installments of this series—proxy advisors, directors, active investors, passive investors, and corporate secretaries. 

    (Key Business Issues, May 2018)

  10. Dysfunctional, Abusive Behavior in the Workplace: What organizations, boards, and senior leaders can do

    The Conference Board offered three webcasts in March of 2018 to advance the conversation about workplace abuse and provide specific steps organizations, the board, and senior leaders can take to prevent it. This report distills the insights from those webcasts and provides references to the underlying research that supported the discussion.

    (Research Report, May 2018)