South Asia Publications


  1. China CEO Council Session Report - Getting through to 2022

    A simplified summary of selected premises and insights from the June 2, 2016, China CEO Council meeting in Beijing. Some 30 MNC country heads and deputies attended the session, which was hosted by Microsoft. This report summarizes and supplements the PowerPoint workshop decks used for the session.

    (China Center Publications, August 2016)

  2. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Despite modest improvement in manufacturing, persistent overcapacity continues to weigh on emerging markets’ growth in 2016.

    (Economics Watch Reports, August 2016)

  3. China Center Quick Note: China's New "Going Out"

    China’s previous Going Out campaign was dominated by large, old-economy, industrial SOEs, but that has changed rapidly over the past two years; new key players – both State and private – are now focused on new-economy innovation prizes.

    (China Center Publications, August 2016)

  4. Brexit Effect: Unpacking the Impact of Uncertainty on the Economy

    Low confidence, high uncertainty, and postponed investment decisions are some of the short-term impacts we can expect from the United Kingdom’s stunning decision to leave the European Union. 

    (Executive Action Report, August 2016)

  5. End of Cold, Hard Cash and the Global Shift toward Cashless Consumer Payments

    We summarize the global shift to cashless consumer payments and the opportunities for consumer-facing businesses as they navigate the change.

    (Executive Summary, August 2016)

  6. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Emerging markets have shrugged off the Brexit panic, for now, but show little sign of growth acceleration for the rest of the year.

    (Economics Watch Reports, July 2016)

  7. Deciphering Labor and Skill Shortages in Asia with Workforce Analytics

    This report profiles labor markets in China, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines and provides guidelines for using workforce analytics to address talent concerns in the region.

    (Research Report, July 2016)

  8. China Center Data Flash: Flat data in May -- another post-stimulus lull

    Credit growth slowed for the second month in a row, and housing market hyperbole has begun to fade. The Q1 growth spikes in these two areas don’t have sustainable momentum. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2016)

  9. China Center Quick Note: China & Brexit

    There are several ways to assess China’s exposure to the events in Europe, including examining China’s engagement with the UK and the EU in terms of international trade, FDI flows, and the RMB. Equally important, however, is to consider what Brexit means for China’s engagement with Europe on a geo-economic and geopolitical scale. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2016)

  10. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Brexit-induced financial instability brings more uncertainty but leaves emerging markets’ overall growth outlook for 2016 unchanged for now.

    (Economics Watch Reports, July 2016)