South Asia Publications


  1. BoardAsia Newsletter

    This issue includes activities of the Workforce Analytics Institute (WAI), the strategic collaboration between The Conference Board and Mercer in Asia.

    (Periodical, July 2015)

  2. China Center Data Flash: Growth is stabilizing temporarily on better policy coordination

    The rhetorical emphasis on “efficiency” and “effectiveness” has yet to be taken up in practice and belies the fact that central authorities are essentially relying on the same old, investment-centric playbook to stabilize the economy.

    (China Center Publications, June 2015)

  3. Enhancing Labor’s Contribution to Productivity: Prioritizing Productivity to Drive Growth, Competitiveness, and Profitability (CHRO Summary)

    Productivity has declined substantially. If left unaddressed, this will limit companies’ ability to grow and compete, as well as threaten job creation and global economic growth. This report details how CHROs and CTOs can help alleviate this crisis.

    (Key Business Issues, June 2015)

  4. Prioritizing Productivity to Drive Growth, Competitiveness, and Profitability

    Over the next 12 months, productivity will become companies’ primary source of competitiveness and profitability. Leaders can direct investments and sharpen the focus on organizational efficiency to mitigate the risks of a productivity crisis.

    (Key Business Issues, June 2015)

  5. Prioritizing Productivity to Drive Growth, Competitiveness, and Profitability: Strategic Overview

    As global growth and pricing power remain weak, productivity will be the prime source of competitiveness and profitability for most companies—and technology and innovation will need to reemerge as the main drivers of productivity.

    (Key Business Issues, June 2015)

  6. Profit Equation: Prioritizing Productivity to Drive Growth, Competitiveness, and Profitability (CFO Summary)

    The world is experiencing a substantial decline in productivity growth, which could threaten global economic growth, company profits, and the ability to compete. The CFO can act through investments in intangibles, technology, and innovation.

    (Key Business Issues, June 2015)

  7. China Center Data Flash: The other 45 percent: Why China’s property market (and the economy) still hasn’t bottomed out

    Even as April saw a burst in new housing sales, fixed asset investment in real estate absolutely flatlined, growing at 0.5 percent y-o-y. This is the slowest rate of growth in almost 20 years.

    (China Center Publications, May 2015)

  8. China Center Special Briefing Paper: Assessing “Returns on Capital” in the Chinese Economy

    From an international perspective, China’s capital-to-output ratio is comparatively much higher and its rate of “diminishing returns to capital” is comparatively much faster, suggesting acute inefficiency in Chinese capital investment.

    (China Center Publications, May 2015)

  9. China Center Chart of the Week: China’s FDI numbers are not adequate for gauging foreign investor sentiment

    China’s rising FDi numbers are used as strong evidence that things can’t be so bad for foreign investors and that the complaints and negative news stories are from an unrepresentative minority of foreign firms. But the numbers actually tell another story.

    (China Center Publications, May 2015)

  10. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Australia Edition

    In 2015, CEOs in Australia are focused on customers, talent development, and technology issues.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2015)