Europe Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Labor market data confirm that the business cycle is beginning to mature.

    (Economics Watch Reports, October 2017)

  2. Keeping the "Dream Team:" Leveraging Analytics to Retain Top Talent in Asia

    This report highlights the talent retention challenges faced by employers in Asia and sheds light on how organizations can leverage human capital analytics to aid their retention strategies.

    (Research Report, September 2017)

  3. China Center Chart Dive: China's economic accommodation of North Korea appears to be decreasing

    New data show that China appears to be substantively squeezing the economic lifeline to North Korea that it has maintained for decades. 

    (China Center Publications, September 2017)

  4. China Center Quick Note: China's New Philanthropy Regulations Should Be Helpful for MNC Donors

    Despite legitimate concerns about tightening controls on civil society, China’s new philanthropic regulations portend important improvements to problems long plaguing corporate giving for foreign companies active in the country.

    (China Center Publications, September 2017)

  5. Conference Board Economics Watch® Economic Series Report

    Monthly economic series report.

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2017)

  6. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    A fading outlook for major emerging economies.

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2017)

  7. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Growth gains steam in the Euro Area, but it is unlikely to last beyond 2018, when long-term supply constraints will start weighing in.

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2017)

  8. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    Economic outlook continues brightening for rest of 2017.

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2017)

  9. Trade under Attack and Necessary Remedies for Dislocation from Economic Change

    Trade has helped the US economy grow overall, but not every worker has benefited from it. Rather than protecting individual jobs, the US must create policies that help individual workers. 

    (Committee for Economic Development, August 2017)

  10. China's Global Impact: The Business Exposures and Economic Implications of a Globalizing China

    For national economies, multinational corporations, and financial institutions, exposures to developments in China are intensifying. This report outlines potential impacts so organizations can be more cognizant of and more agile and resilient to China geo-economic exposures.

    (Key Business Issues, August 2017)