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Asia Publications


  1. Global Economic Outlook 2019: Emerging Asia—Slower and Riskier, but Still Ahead of the Pack

    Economic growth in emerging Asia will still look robust compared to other parts of the world. However, the region still faces risks; trade policy volatility, monetary policy tightening in the United States, high local debt burdens, rising energy prices, and declining local currency valuations will all have an impact.

    (Key Business Issues, November 2018)

  2. Director Notes India: Responsible Business Practices—India Perspective

    This Director Note examines the emerging trends around sustainability and business responsibility for top Indian companies.

    (Director Notes, October 2018)

  3. Conference Board Economics Watch® Economic Series Report

    Monthly economic series report.

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2018)

  4. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Amid intense external challenges, the economic outlook for major emerging economies weakens.

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2018)

  5. Human Capital in Review™: Voices from Asia, Vol. 2, No. 2

    This issue of Human Capital in Review focuses on the latest talent trends and human capital analytics developments, as well as effective practice to engage and retain talent in Asia.

    (Human Capital in Review, September 2018)

  6. China Center Slidicle: High household debt poised to drag on Chinese consumption growth

    When household debt levels squeeze household cash flows, household consumption will necessarily weaken. This inflection point looms large in China.

    (China Center Publications, August 2018)

  7. China Center Research Brief: Assessing the trajectory of the RMB

    MNC strategists should consider a range of scenarios for yuan value and capital account management, with a lean toward ongoing depreciation and significant tightening, respectively, in the run-up to 2020.

    (China Center Publications, August 2018)

  8. China CEO Council Session Report: Digitalizing China—what business impacts are foreseeable?

    Do the much-hyped digital developments in China portend genuinely transformational impacts on the China marketplace and MNC operating field? The biannual China CEO Council meeting in June 2018 addressed this and other crucial issues.

    (China Center Publications, August 2018)

  9. Global Leadership Forecast 2018

    The Global Leadership Forecast is the largest research study of its kind, examining the state of leadership development practices and leader experiences across organizations in major industries around the globe.

    (Publication, August 2018)

  10. Conference Board Economics Watch® Economic Series Report

    Monthly economic series report.

    (Economics Watch Reports, August 2018)