China Publications


  1. China Center Data Flash: Flat data in May -- another post-stimulus lull

    Credit growth slowed for the second month in a row, and housing market hyperbole has begun to fade. The Q1 growth spikes in these two areas don’t have sustainable momentum. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2016)

  2. China Center Quick Note: China & Brexit

    There are several ways to assess China’s exposure to the events in Europe, including examining China’s engagement with the UK and the EU in terms of international trade, FDI flows, and the RMB. Equally important, however, is to consider what Brexit means for China’s engagement with Europe on a geo-economic and geopolitical scale. 

    (China Center Publications, July 2016)

  3. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Brexit-induced financial instability brings more uncertainty but leaves emerging markets’ overall growth outlook for 2016 unchanged for now.

    (Economics Watch Reports, July 2016)

  4. The Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2016: Asia Regional Report

    In this year’s survey, CEO respondents in the Asia-Pacific region and India focus on building organizational capability and high-performing cultures around engagement, performance, inclusion, and continual improvement to drive better business results and inspire innovation.

    (Key Business Issues, July 2016)

  5. China Center Chart Dive: RMB devaluation — a guided market correction

    Looking forward, a reasonable scenario is that depreciation will remain “guided” and gradual, in line pace-wise with recent trends.

    (China Center Publications, June 2016)

  6. China Center Quick Take: China's MSCI Rejection — Reform and Conform, or Don't Play

    MSCI’s decision to (again) exclude China’s A Shares from its Emerging Markets Index is a surprise insofar as the global organization held to its standards rather than bend to China’s.

    (China Center Publications, June 2016)

  7. China Center Data Flash: A Return to the Normal -- the economy cools in April

    If credit growth continues slipping from the spike in Q1, asset prices -- including housing market prices -- are also likely to settle down in the second half of the year.

    (China Center Publications, June 2016)

  8. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2016: Quality over Quantity: How Business Can Generate Sustainable Growth in a Slow Global Economy

    Our outlook for global economic growth remains modest at 2.4 percent in 2016 and 2.7 percent in 2017. While growth rates between mature and emerging markets have rapidly converged, significant variation between regions remains.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2016)

  9. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Sentiment improved somewhat into the second quarter of 2016, but emerging markets’ economic fundamentals are weak and the growth outlook remains fragile.

    (Economics Watch Reports, May 2016)

  10. China ResearchGraphic: The Growing Importance of Sustainability Reporting in China

    The Chinese government’s intensifying focus on improving the sustainability reporting of local companies indicates that better sustainability reporting is desired by regulators, and the demand of the Chinese public for better sustainability standards, enforcement, and transparency is driving this trend.

    (China Center Publications, May 2016)