Mid-Markets Publications


  1. China Center Chart Dive: Mining Trump's China Tweets—Just 'Flash,' or Indicators of the New China Policy Ideology?

    Analyzing President Trump’s pre-inauguration Twitter statements on China may be one lens for assessing future policy directions.

    (China Center Publications, February 2017)

  2. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    Shocks and uncertainties moderate 2017 growth projections for several emerging economies.

    (Economics Watch Reports, February 2017)

  3. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    Base scenario continues to suggest a modest upside for the US economic outlook.

    (Economics Watch Reports, February 2017)

  4. Impact of Demographic Trends on Consumer Spending

    In this report, the first in a series on this topic, we look at the trends that will shape US consumption patterns in the next 10 years. How do these trends affect consumption categories across the nation?

    (Key Business Issues, February 2017)

  5. Impact of Demographic Trends on US Consumer Spending: Methodological Notes

    Findings from The Impact of Demographic Shifts on Consumer Spending, draw from The Conference Board’s projections of US consumption and population growth. These notes describe the methods behind those projections.

    (Key Business Issues, February 2017)

  6. 24 Truths about Organizational Design: Insights from the 12th Annual Organization Design and Diagnostics Conference

    We live in a world of continual disruption. Companies that restructure so they can be agile and flexible will be the most successful at dealing with the unknown.

    (Conference KeyNotes, February 2017)

  7. China Center Data Flash: Slowdown to Resume in 2017

    On January 20, China’s official 2016 GDP growth was announced to be 6.7 percent, meeting the target range set by the government. Lower growth is anticipated for 2017 as economic policies slowly shift from growth supporting to risk curbing.

    (China Center Publications, February 2017)

  8. China Center Chart Dive: Appraising the Q4 Liquidity Squeeze by the PBoC

    A “liquidity squeeze” engineered by the People's Bank of China quickly pushed up short-term borrowing costs in China’s money markets in Q4. 

    (China Center Publications, February 2017)

  9. Introducing the Connected Spender: The Digital Consumer of the Future (Executive Summary)

    Reaching consumers through income-based approaches is an insufficient and outdated predictor of consumer spending. Our research defines a new concept, “connected spenders,” that better enables companies to effectively reach consumers who are ready and able to spend on goods and services.

    (The Demand Institute, February 2017)

  10. Conference Board Economics Watch® Economic Series Report

    Monthly economic series report

    (Economics Watch Reports, February 2017)