The Americas Publications


  1. China Center Data Flash - Property sector continues to struggle as inventories are drawn down

    Some observers have recently been touting a rebound in the real estate market, and while both sales and prices have improved in recent months, it is essential to keep in mind that actual construction and investment in the sector are still contracting.

    (China Center Publications, September 2015)

  2. Moving to the Next Level: Insights from the 11th Annual Women's Leadership Conference

    Women in business have come a long way, but moving to absolute parity with men requires continued planning and even consciousness raising on the part of both genders.

    (Conference KeyNotes, September 2015)

  3. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    Moderate growth path of US economy likely to be sustained through the end of 2015

    (Economics Watch Reports, September 2015)

  4. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Mid-Market Edition

    A detailed analysis of results from mid-market respondents to the 2015 edition of The Conference Board CEO Challenge® survey.

    (Key Business Issues, September 2015)

  5. Giving in Numbers: 2015 Edition

    An in-depth analysis of 2014 corporate giving and employee emgagement data from 271 of the world's leading companies.

    (Research Report, September 2015)

  6. US Labor Supply Problem: Which States Are Most at Risk?

    Companies in states with tightening labor markets should start planning now. Assessing the location and types of jobs at high risk and adjusting recruiting/retention and compensation strategies could mitigate damage.

    (Executive Action Report, September 2015)

  7. China Center Special Briefing Paper: Appraising Industrial Overcapacity – the Achilles Heel of Chinese Growth?

    This China Center Special Briefing Paper examines China’s current overcapacity challenges and outlines its history, deep-rooted causes, and the likely impact on future economic growth.

    (China Center Publications, September 2015)

  8. China Center Data Flash - Financial volatility reinforces weak economic performance; and RMB internationalization sees a setback

    After a dramatic summer for China’s financial markets, the most recently released economic data suggest that the country’s stock market and currency gyrations have come atop renewed deceleration in the real economy.

    (China Center Publications, September 2015)

  9. China Center Quick Note: One Belt, One Road, Lots of Questions

    What should multinational companies expect from China’s Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road?

    (China Center Publications, September 2015)

  10. Job Satisfaction: 2015 Edition: A Lot More Jobs—A Little More Satisfaction

    In the latest survey, US job satisfaction rose slightly for the fourth consecutive year to the highest level since 2008. The increase may be partly due to the tightening labor market.

    (Research Report, September 2015)