Middle East Publications


  1. Employing Analytics to Enhance Workplace Productivity

    Through the use of workforce analytics, organizations can examine the quality of productivity initiatives to identify and deliver the productivity gains that make the difference between thriving and surviving.

    (Research Report, December 2016)

  2. Follow the Leader: The Adoption and Use of Instagram by the Inc. 500 and the Fortune 500

    This SNCR 2020 article examines the commonalities of Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 companies that have adopted Instagram.

    (Research Report, December 2016)

  3. Sustainability Practices 2016 Key Findings

    One key finding from the 2016 Sustainability Practices Dashboard: while an increasing number of companies include sustainability performance metrics as a factor in executive compensation, they are routinely reticent to disclose the specifics of those metrics.

    (Research Report, November 2016)

  4. A Strategic Cyber-Roadmap for the Board

    This Directors Notes reviews five director case studies of cyberrisk governance.

    (Director Notes, November 2016)

  5. New Administration's Lean towards Quantitative over Qualitative Sources of Growth Will Leave the Bottom Line Unchanged—at Least for Now

    The outcome of US elections have further increased the level of uncertainty about the fate of the global economy, but bottom line growth results do not look very different from what The Conference Board projected before November 8th. Tax cuts and investment in infrastructure may provide some growth upside to the US economy in the short-term, but their impact will most likely be small. 

    (Key Business Issues, November 2016)

  6. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2017: Bucking the Trend—Overcoming Uncertainty, Shocks, and Disruption with Qualitative Growth

    As we enter year six of global stagnation, deliverance remains elusive. Uncertainty is causing investment inertia, leaving business to push for new policies in hopes of finding a path to progress.

    (Key Business Issues, November 2016)

  7. Employees as Brand Ambassadors:The State of Employee Advocacy

    This SNCR 2020 article presents findings from the JEM 2016 State of Employee Advocacy Survey.

    (Research Report, November 2016)

  8. CEO Succession Practices: 2016 Edition

    CEO Succession Practices: 2016 Edition analyzes all CEO succession events at S&P 500 companies over the last 15 years with additional analysis based on 2016 survey findings.

    (Key Business Issues, October 2016)

  9. Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing

    We look at the trend toward integrating corporate communications and marketing and consider the various ways that these two functions working together can contribute value to corporations.

    (Key Business Issues, September 2016)

  10. Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing (CHRO Business Implications)

    Human resources professionals might not know it, but they have an important role in the future of corporate communications and marketing. This overview explores how integrating these two functions could deliver big opportunities in HR.

    (Key Business Issues, September 2016)