Middle East Publications


  1. 22 Truths about Strategic Community Impact: Insights from the Strategic Community Impact Symposium

    Becoming involved in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals can help companies boost employee engagement, increase brand value and customer loyalty, build trust, and reinforce the social contract with society.

    (Conference KeyNotes, March 2017)

  2. Conference Board Human Capital in Review™: Future of Work (Vol. 1, No. 1, 2017)

    This series focuses on the Future of Work and how technology is transforming every aspect of work—and in the process, opening a Pandora’s box of complex issues for today’s human capital practitioners.

    (Human Capital in Review, March 2017)

  3. 22 Truths about Performance Management: Insights from the Performance Management Summit

    Companies are revamping their performance management systems to reflect a modern-day workforce and agile way of working. This requires a culture change, which can be challenging.

    (Conference KeyNotes, March 2017)

  4. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2017: Uncertainty and Global Growth Make Strange Bedfellows

    Globally, 2017 growth is projected at about 2.9 percent—a notch up from earlier projections. For the medium term, there are no signs as yet that policy changes will raise the trend. 

    (StraightTalk®, February 2017)

  5. DNA of Engagement 2017: Engagement Ecosystem

    DNA of Engagement 2017: Engagement Ecosystem

    (Key Business Issues, February 2017)

  6. DNA of Engagement 2017 Diagnostic Tool

    Diagnostic tool: DNA of Engagement 2017

    (Key Business Issues, February 2017)

  7. DNA of Engagement: CEO Business Implications

    Higher levels of employee engagement lead to greater productivity. This report outlines six strategies CEOs can implement to help employees play a greater role in managing their own engagement. 

    (Key Business Issues, February 2017)

  8. DNA of Engagement: CHRO Business Implications

    This report explains the role of individual employees in managing their engagement and provides strategies CHROs can implement to foster employee ownership of engagement throughout the talent management life cycle including: acquisition/onboarding, career development, training, performance/recognition, and retention.

    (Key Business Issues, February 2017)

  9. DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Can Foster Employee Ownership of Engagement

    We are in an employee engagement crisis. This report explains how everyone in the organization, including employees, can play a role in creating an engaged workforce. Includes case studies.

    (Key Business Issues, February 2017)

  10. Introducing the Connected Spender: The Digital Consumer of the Future (Executive Summary)

    Reaching consumers through income-based approaches is an insufficient and outdated predictor of consumer spending. Our research defines a new concept, “connected spenders,” that better enables companies to effectively reach consumers who are ready and able to spend on goods and services.

    (The Demand Institute, February 2017)