Europe Publications


  1. Europe 2.0? Four Scenarios for Europe Post-Brexit

    We present four scenarios for how the EU could fare in the medium term after the existential crisis of Brexit. In each scenario, some sectors and industries benefit more than others.

    (Research Report, December 2016)

  2. 20 Truths about Human Capital Analytics: Insights from the 2016 Human Capital Analytics Conference

    As human capital analytics grows, it is no longer considered merely optional to HR strategy. Early adopters have used HCA to increase HR efficiency as well as overall business performance. 

    (Conference KeyNotes, December 2016)

  3. 25 Truths about Talent Acquisition: Insights from the 3rd Annual Talent Acquisition Conference

    Talent acquisition is no longer a support function—it is a strategic partner that can help a company make money. Attracting the right people is the big challenge.

    (Conference KeyNotes, November 2016)

  4. Sustainability Practices Dashboard

    The Conference Board Sustainability Practices Dashboard analyzes the most recent disclosure of environmental and social practices by public companies around the world. 

    (Research Report, November 2016)

  5. Sustainability Practices 2016 Key Findings

    One key finding from the 2016 Sustainability Practices Dashboard: while an increasing number of companies include sustainability performance metrics as a factor in executive compensation, they are routinely reticent to disclose the specifics of those metrics.

    (Research Report, November 2016)

  6. Digital Transformation: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Human Capital?

    Based on a literature review, interviews with leading experts, and company examples, this report builds the foundation for a series of reports to be released in the next few years.

    (Key Business Issues Listing, November 2016)

  7. A Strategic Cyber-Roadmap for the Board

    This Directors Notes reviews five director case studies of cyberrisk governance.

    (Director Notes, November 2016)

  8. Navigating the New Digital Economy: Driving Digital Growth and Productivity from Installation to Deployment

    Companies are massively investing in digitization, but the results are variable and trends are moving so quickly that strategizing is very difficult.

    (Key Business Issues Listing, November 2016)

  9. Global Growth Projections for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2017

    This paper presents the methodology for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2017, including projections for 11 major regions and individual estimates for 33 mature and 32 emerging market economies for 2017, 2017–2022, and 2022–2026.

    (Economics Program Working Paper Series, November 2016)

  10. What is the Global Economic Outlook for 2017?

    As we enter year six of global stagnation, deliverance remains elusive. Uncertainty is causing investment inertia, leaving business to push for new policies in hopes of finding a path to progress.

    (Key Business Issues Listing, November 2016)