Europe Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Uncertainty remains the buzzword, yet the European economies are surprisingly resilient.

    (Economics Watch Reports, February 2017)

  2. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    Base scenario continues to suggest a modest upside for the US economic outlook.

    (Economics Watch Reports, February 2017)

  3. China Center Data Flash: Slowdown to Resume in 2017

    On January 20, China’s official 2016 GDP growth was announced to be 6.7 percent, meeting the target range set by the government. Lower growth is anticipated for 2017 as economic policies slowly shift from growth supporting to risk curbing.

    (China Center Publications, February 2017)

  4. China Center Chart Dive: Appraising the Q4 Liquidity Squeeze by the PBoC

    A “liquidity squeeze” engineered by the People's Bank of China quickly pushed up short-term borrowing costs in China’s money markets in Q4. 

    (China Center Publications, February 2017)

  5. Introducing the Connected Spender: The Digital Consumer of the Future (Executive Summary)

    Reaching consumers through income-based approaches is an insufficient and outdated predictor of consumer spending. Our research defines a new concept, “connected spenders,” that better enables companies to effectively reach consumers who are ready and able to spend on goods and services.

    (The Demand Institute, February 2017)

  6. CEO Challenge 2017: Leading through Risk, Disruption, and Transformation

    The biggest challenges for CEOs in 2017 come from global volatility and unprecedented disruption. Leaders are coping by focusing on talent, culture, and fiscal discipline, according to our annual CEO survey.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2017)

  7. CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Customer Relationships/Corporate Brand and Reputation Challenge

    Meeting the customer relationships/corporate brand and reputation challenge in 2017 is crucial for companies competing in today’s customer-centric, value-centric markets, say CEOs in our annual survey.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2017)

  8. CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Human Capital Challenge

    The human capital challenge for businesses in 2017 is about culture and talent. In a year of disruption, CEO respondents to our annual survey emphasize the need for strong organizational cultures that foster inclusiveness.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2017)

  9. CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Innovation and Digitization Challenge

    The innovation and digitization challenge for businesses in 2017 is clear: getting up to speed. Most organizations lack the strategy and skills to leverage digital transformation, according to our annual survey of CEOs. 

    (Key Business Issues, January 2017)

  10. CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Operational Excellence Challenge

    The operational excellence challenge for 2017: prepare for global uncertainties. That means cost controls and a culture of excellence that lifts employees and builds agility, say CEOs in our annual survey.

    (Key Business Issues, January 2017)