Europe Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Expected increases in investment could make Europe's recovery more solid,

    (Economics Watch Reports, May 2017)

  2. Signposts of Innovation: Toward Better Innovation Metrics for Business—A Primer

    Despite the importance of innovation, companies often lack a comprehensive framework to measure it. This report reviews approaches to measure innovation and presents a comprehensive, flexible framework to guide business decisions.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2017)

  3. CEO Challenge 2017: Leading through Risk, Disruption, and Transformation—Europe Report

    In this report, we present the strategies our more than 500 global CEO respondents have identified for meeting the challenges of 2017, with a special emphasis on the survey responses and hot-button issues of CEOs in Europe.

    (Key Business Issues, April 2017)

  4. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    There is a widespread perception that the business climate in the Euro Area is improving. Available data - other than surveys - match these optimistic expectations only to some extent. 

    (Economics Watch Reports, April 2017)

  5. 25 Truths about Joint Ventures

    More and more, companies are looking to joint ventures: to help topline growth, allay local fears about loss of intellectual property to foreign competitors, and to help companies enter new international markets. 

    (Conference KeyNotes, April 2017)

  6. 30 Truths about Cybersecurity

    There are two kinds of companies: those that have been hacked and those that don’t know it yet. Cyber risk is not just an IT concern, but a crucial business issue.

    (Conference KeyNotes, April 2017)

  7. 24 Truths about Executive Coaching

    Rather than merely mitigating damaging behaviors, today’s executive coaches play a crucial role in driving successful teamwork, self-empowerment, and lasting change for the full spectrum of executives.

    (Conference KeyNotes, April 2017)

  8. Broken American Dream—Viewed through the Lens of Europe

    In their new book Sustaining Capitalism, authors Steve Odland and Joseph Minarik at the Committee for Economic Development (CED) of The Conference Board detail solutions for restoring trust in the American system. What can Europe learn from proposed solutions for the United States?

    (Executive Action Report, April 2017)

  9. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Euro Area growth momentum remains positive, while changes in monetary policy can be expected in 2017 as inflation returns.

    (Economics Watch Reports, March 2017)

  10. Economic Contribution of the Food and Beverage Industry

    This report provides insights into the food and beverage industry’s multiple roles, including meeting emerging consumer demands,  responding to evolving public policy, and contributing meaningfully to regional economies.

    (Committee for Economic Development, March 2017)