Europe Publications


  1. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    The US economy remains on track for above 2 percent growth in 2017

    (Economics Watch Reports, July 2017)

  2. Turning Silver into Gold: Tapping into the Mature Workforce to Close Europe's Widening Talent Gaps

    Europe's workforce is aging and possibly shrinking as well. Retaining and retraining mature workers can help stem the tide of workforce defections and fill in skills gaps.

    (Key Business Issues, July 2017)

  3. Ensuring Accountability in Modern Trade Policy

    Regulatory cooperation for the new generation of trade agreements is promising, reasonable, and controllable. If done correctly, it will benefit consumers and maintain consumer protection. However, a regulatory cooperation body needs transparency and a set of rules to be fully accountable to EU citizens.

    (Executive Action Report, June 2017)

  4. Just What Is the Corporate Director's Job?: Proxy Advisors' Perspectives on the Board Member's Job Description

    When describing the job of a public company board member, proxy advisors were not  naturally inclined to draw up a list of qualifications and responsibilities.

    (Key Business Issues, June 2017)

  5. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Eurozone exporters are not (yet) fully benefiting from global trade growth

    (Economics Watch Reports, June 2017)

  6. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2017: Can the Recent Upswing Put Global Growth Back on Track?

    The latest estimates of monthly leading economic indicators and quarterly GDP growth indicate that rising confidence among business and consumers in recent quarters has translated into a small positive impact on the real economy.

    (StraightTalk®, June 2017)

  7. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    Expected increases in investment could make Europe's recovery more solid,

    (Economics Watch Reports, May 2017)

  8. Signposts of Innovation: Toward Better Innovation Metrics for Business—A Primer

    Despite the importance of innovation, companies often lack a comprehensive framework to measure it. This report reviews approaches to measure innovation and presents a comprehensive, flexible framework to guide business decisions.

    (Key Business Issues, May 2017)

  9. CEO Challenge 2017: Leading through Risk, Disruption, and Transformation—Europe Report

    In this report, we present the strategies our more than 500 global CEO respondents have identified for meeting the challenges of 2017, with a special emphasis on the survey responses and hot-button issues of CEOs in Europe.

    (Key Business Issues, April 2017)

  10. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    There is a widespread perception that the business climate in the Euro Area is improving. Available data - other than surveys - match these optimistic expectations only to some extent. 

    (Economics Watch Reports, April 2017)