China Blogs


  1. How China Fudges Its Numbers
    The Wall Street Journal's China Real Time Report discusses a town in Guangdong Province that overstated its industrial output by 300 percent in 2012.
    (China Center Blog, June 2013)

  2. Beijing Housing Vacancy Rate at 28.9%: Survey
    A survey by the Beijing Police last year showed the city has 13.2 million units of houses, of which 3.8 million are confirmed vacant, putting its housing vacancy rate at 28.9%
    (China Center Blog, June 2013)

  3. China Failure to Grow With $1 Trillion Is Warning to Li
    Bloomberg: China’s economy is proving less responsive to credit, escalating pressure on Premier Li Keqiang to strengthen the role of private enterprise.
    (China Center Blog, June 2013)

  4. Supersizing Small Cities in China
    China's Economic Observer newspaper examines some of the challenges facing Li Keqiang's urbanization plans. Says one city planner: "If there is no industry, why do we need so many people and what will we do with them?"
    (China Center Blog, May 2013)

  5. Chinese SOEs and “invisible benefits”
    Ten major SOEs were found to have violated financial regulations by offering staff a variety of “invisible benefits”, according to audit reports for 2012 on the NAO’s website.
    (China Center Blog, May 2013)

  6. China plans revolution to head off fiscal crisis
    Australia's The Age: China is drawing up a blueprint for sweeping reforms aimed at averting an economic crisis, sources with close ties to the leadership say.
    (China Center Blog, May 2013)

  7. 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report
    Thirty percent of all global hacking attacks originate in China, according to a major new report from Verizon's RISK Team. This makes China the number one source of data security incidents worldwide. In 76 percent of data breaches, weak or stolen user names and passwords were a cause.
    (China Center Blog, May 2013)

  8. Consumption in China may be much higher than official statistics suggest
    The Economist: Official figures show China's private consumption languishing at around 35% of GDP. Morgan Stanley’s “bottom-up” calculations, by contrast, imply that it has grown since 2008 to almost 46% of GDP.
    (China Center Blog, April 2013)

  9. Samsung to Build Largest Plant in Vietnam as Labor Cost Rises in China
    Caijing: The completion of the new plant will lift the production capacity of Samsung's Vietnam unit to 240 million by 2015, accounting over half of Samsung's total projected capacity.
    (China Center Blog, March 2013)


  1. China’s Show Trial of the Century
    Ma Jian is an exiled Chinese novelist and essayist (author of “Red Dust: A Path Through China” (2001), Beijing Coma” (2008) and other works). This piece does a good job illuminating the many moral hazards and political contradictions surrounding the Bo Xilai ousting, and the trial of his wife, Gu Kailai for the murder of Britton Neil Haywood. He surfaces many new historical details on Bo, Gu and the CCP organization that provide useful context and contour to debate.
    (China Center Blog, September 2012)