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  1. Three Digital Tools That Improve PR
    If the idea of technology invading the practice of PR freaks you out a little, perhaps all you need is a different perspective. Yes, technology can be daunting, but it can also make your life a lot easier, help you achieve better results and demonstrate the value of your work.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, February 2018)

  2. Working Together to Get Every Child Learning
    In 2015, Pearson launched the “Every Child Learning” partnership with Save the Children to deliver high-quality education to Syrian refugees and vulnerable children in Jordan, and to innovate new solutions that improve the delivery of education in emergency and conflict-affected settings. We are doing this through a combination of program funding, collaborative R&D, and joint advocacy.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, February 2018)

  3. Q&A with Robert Bostrom: A General Counsel Shares Lessons Learned from Crises
    Currently senior vice president, corporate secretary, and general counsel of Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Robert Bostrom has spent the past three decades working in the corporate legal field. As part of The Conference Board board member job description series, he shares his perspective on the corporate director's job.
    (The Governance Center Blog, February 2018)

  4. C-Suite Challenge™ 2018: CEOs: Digital Strategies enable better Sustainability Performance
    2/3 of CEOs believe that digital transformation is a significant enabler for their sustainability strategy and they actively seek opportunities from digitization to improve sustainability performance and to discover more sustainable business models. The application of digital trans-formation and innovation for new more sustainable business models finds wide acceptance among company leaders. Now is the right time to develop proposals for new products and services and new revenue models.
    (Sustainability Center Blog, February 2018)

  5. Downskilling: Employers can no longer have their cake and eat it too
    With the time to fill positions skyrocketing, some employers may choose to compromise on the educational requirement of their new hires. This blog shows that some companies have already started.
    (Labor Markets Blog, February 2018)

  6. Running NFL Social Media On Game Day—An Interview With Dave Feldman
    Dave Feldman, Sr Director of Digital at the NFL, is running one of the biggest, most complex, real-time social content teams on the planet. With this level of content creation, distribution and management, it’s all about strategy, scalable process, extreme coordination and everyone and I mean everyone, must be on their A game. So, when I sat down for a full hour long interview with Dave to talk about the social content machine of the NFL, I was hanging on every word.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, February 2018)

  7. Implications for Blockchain in Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy
    It’s impossible to avoid the furor surrounding cryptocurrencies these days. Looking beyond the price fluctuations of crypto markets, examining the blockchain infrastructure that supports the currencies is a fascinating exercise. The use of blockchain in companies has some interesting implications for citizenship and philanthropy. Blockchain could add a level of transparency and authenticity to corporate practices and resulting communications that could help to rebuild trust in business.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, February 2018)

  8. Seven Questions Board Members Should Ask About Insider Threat Risk
    Insider threats are the unwelcomed gift that keeps on giving. A recent report by the analyst firm Forrester revealed that insiders are responsible for more than half of companies’ data breaches. Companies today more so than ever before need insider threat programs, which involve a combination of people, processes and technologies. So where does the board fit in?
    (On Governance, February 2018)

  9. Two-Child Policy Won't Produce a Baby Boom
    Despite the end of the one-child policy in 2016 and hopes of a new “baby boom,” the reality is that China’s attempt to politically reengineer its demographic outlook will require decades, not years.
    (China Center Blog, February 2018)

  10. CFIUS Reform Set to Disrupt Business as Usual for MNCs in China
    The reform and empowerment of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has the potential to dramatically disrupt many traditional partnership approaches MNCs have been using in China for many years – including co-investment arrangements that have become popular recently.
    (China Center Blog, February 2018)