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  1. Measurement Lessons Learned from Cisco, Southwest, and Exeter Hospital
    Last month, Paine Publishing hosted the Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement. Here, we present three case studies from the summit that highlight the three major themes that ran through every conversation.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, November 2017)

  2. For Funders and Nonprofits: Excellent Nonprofit Management is Mission Critical
    Nonprofit missions help us rally around various societal challenges. However, while nonprofit missions garner attention from funders, the management of the organization is where attention is critical. The challenge is that some funders may make their funding decisions based on nonprofit missions and nonprofits may direct more of their attention to mission rather than management.
    (Giving Thoughts Blog, November 2017)

  3. On Governance: CEO Pay Ratio Planning: 10 Consensuses from Thought Leading Companies
    Based on conversations with about 20 thought-leading companies, here are 10 consensuses on how leading companies are planning to comply with the new CEO pay ratio rules in 2018.
    (The Governance Center Blog, November 2017)

  4. Higher Highs and Lower Lows: Don’t Be a CSR Novice
    New research published in the Strategic Management Journal has made some waves (air waves, at least) with its key finding that “past investments in CSR appear to a) greatly increase the likelihood of CEO dismissal when financial performance is poor, and b) somewhat reduce the likelihood of CEO dismissal when financial performance is good. Thus, striving to deliver profits in a socially responsible manner may have both positive and negative personal consequences.” So, that clears things up.
    (Giving Thoughts Blog, November 2017)

  5. What do ISS’ 2018 draft policy changes mean?
    Here are descriptions and comments on Institutional Shareholder Services proposed policy changes on gender pay gap, poison pills, and non-employee director compensation from Governance Center member law firms that have issued related client memos.
    (The Governance Center Blog, November 2017)

  6. Branded Content S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E
    The struggle, it is real. Digital publishers finally have solid proof that branded content works, and boom, a whole raft of new competitors surface, all looking for that same advertiser dollar. Digiday covers the problem quite nicely in this piece: As branded content pivots to video, publishers face new challenges. The article focuses on the competition offered by video production houses and entertainment studios, with a passing mention for influencers who approach a brand directly.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, November 2017)

  7. New Study Shows Value of Nonprofit Board Experience in Developing Human Capital for Innovation
    Businesses that find new solutions to address social, economic, and environmental problems can mitigate risks, reduce costs, and grow profits and value. Unfortunately, many companies lack effective ways to stimulate leadership, creativity, and innovation among their workforces. Better World Leaders: The Nonprofit Board Leadership Study, released last week, reveals that by engaging employees in board service, companies develop their human capital for leadership in innovation.
    (Giving Thoughts Blog, November 2017)

  8. New Study Finds Nonprofit Board Service Advances Diversity and Inclusion
    Better World Leaders: The Nonprofit Board Leadership Study, released today, provides an inflection point for businesses that encourage and support their employees in serving on nonprofit boards. Today, we show that nonprofit board service is an effective pathway for companies to advance workplace diversity and inclusion; human capital for innovation; and economic development and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This post focuses on diversity and inclusion.
    (Giving Thoughts Blog, November 2017)

  9. Get Ready: Voice May Be the Main Way We Interact with Computers by 2023
    According to the Future Today Institute, about 50 percent of our interactions with computers will be via voice by 2023. Voice interfaces are already having an impact on health. The recently completed Alexa Diabetes Challenge demonstrated that voice-computer interfaces can play a role in chronic condition management. Are you up-to-speed on this trend? To help, I've outlined five questions and answers about the current state of voice interfaces in healthcare.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, November 2017)

  10. On Governance: Q&A with Walden Asset Management’s Tim Smith
    Nell Minow, vice chair at ValueEdge Advisors, speaks with Tim Smith of Walden Asset Management about the importance of Vanguard's progress regarding its voting record on such shareholder proposals as board diversity, cybersecurity, and climate change.
    (The Governance Center Blog, October 2017)