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  1. Companies See Gun Reform as a CSR Issue: Why Now?
    This weekend, Americans will join students in the March For Our Lives to demand that safety and the lives of our young people become a priority. Marchers will call for an end to gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today. Ever since the horrific murder of students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) School in Parkland, Florida, not only are individuals responding to the MSD students’ call for action, but companies as well.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, March 2018)

  2. GDPR Will Expose Brands That Don’t Care About Their Customers
    On its surface, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has touched off a technical fire drill for American companies operating in Europe. These new data privacy rules, set to take effect in May, have companies scrambling to inventory their data and develop systems and policies that comply. But as challenging as GDPR may be for those working on compliance, the regulations should force a much-deeper appraisal of what values companies apply to their interactions with customers.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, March 2018)

  3. Granting to China Made “Easy?”
    The China Overseas NGO Management Law went into effect January 1, 2017. The law requires that foreign NGOs coordinate their efforts with the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and provides the framework within which they can continue their activities in the country through two ways: opening a representative office in China or applying for a temporary activity license.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, March 2018)

  4. 2017 Inc. 500 and Social Media: Finding Its Place in the Marketing Mix
    As social media becomes increasingly important to business success, the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth continues to monitor its use. Each year, the Center conducts an in-depth study on the use of social media among Inc. Magazine’s top 500 companies. The names listed represent the fastest-growing, privately owned companies in the United States.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, March 2018)

  5. Proxy Proposals on Charitable Contributions Are Rare, but Will We See More?
    Socially responsible investors have become a bigger part of a company’s ownership. Large funds, such as Vanguard, BlackRock, pension funds and others are exerting their influence for better ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) performance. Various nonprofits are also flexing their muscles. Will the increased scrutiny lead to more proposals on charitable contributions?
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, March 2018)

  6. Corporate Communications Practices: 2018 Edition
    Corporate communications teams are being called on to reinforce their company’s reputation in the face of a skeptical public, concludes a report by The Conference Board, Corporate Communications Practices: 2018 Edition. The survey covers more than 100 publicly traded companies.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, March 2018)

  7. An interview with David Hoffman, Managing Director of the Conference Board’s China Center
    Market shake-outs – as typical of creative destruction cycles, even those with “Chinese characteristics” – should yield better operating conditions over the longer-term, especially for competitive firms. At this critical juncture, executives need to understand the gamut of potential China exposures facing their companies – both positive and negative – so that they can position their companies to exploit associated opportunities and mitigate risks.
    (China Center Blog, March 2018)

  8. Globalization of the Arts
    A presidential commission looking at the state of American schools concluded that funding for arts education is “on a downward trend” thanks to widespread budget constraints and an increasing emphasis on high-stakes testing. The result, the report said, is that “just when they need it most, the classroom tasks and tools that could best reach and inspire students—art, music, movement and performing—are less available to them.”
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, March 2018)

  9. 2018 State of Digital Risk Management Survey
    As challenges surrounding social media compliance, phishing atttacks, and domain fraud continue to grow, and while cyber security issues top CEOs' and boards' lists of concerns, and the deadline for GDPR compliance is quickly approaching, we are conducting a survey to measure organizations' awareness of and maturity regarding digital and social media risk management.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, March 2018)

  10. A State-Level View of 2017 Consumption Patterns
    The Conference Board provides a state level view of 2017 consumption patterns, using their nowcasts of nominal PCE growth by state.
    (Global Economy Center Blog, March 2018)