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  1. On Governance: The First Critique of the ‘Framework for U.S. Stewardship and Governance’
    In my Internet searching, I have yet to find any criticism of the principles laid out in the Framework. However, if one looks closely at this Framework, one sees a glaring omission, the lack of any reference to wealth maximization as the objective of investor stewardship.
    (On Governance, December 2017)

  2. Better Understanding Foreign Labor Markets: Introducing TCB’s Labor Market Institutions Handbook
    The Labor Market Institutions Handbook: Find for 63 countries an exhaustive range of quantitative and qualitative labor market data.
    (Labor Markets Blog, December 2017)

  3. How Companies Can Recruit and Retain the Best and Most Diverse Workforces by Offering Board-Matching Programs
    Employees are more likely to work and stay at companies that help match them to nonprofit boards in addition to providing funds to the nonprofits where they serve. This is one of the most powerful findings of Better World Leadership: The Nonprofit Board Leadership Study, released last month.
    (Giving Thoughts Blog, December 2017)

  4. Fact of the Week: In 2016, tenure for outgoing CEOs was 9 years
    Departing CEO tenure in 2016 was nine years, but five percent of S&P 500 companies are led by CEOs with tenures of 20 years or longer.
    (Fact of the Week, December 2017)

  5. Fact of the Week: In first half of 2017, 28 failed Say on Pay votes
    In the Russell 3000, 28 of the executive compensation plans put to a say-on-pay vote in the first half of 2017 failed to receive the support of most shareholders. However, only six of those 28 companies appeared on the same list in 2016.
    (Fact of the Week, December 2017)

  6. Companies Can, and Should, Address Sexual Misconduct No Matter Where It Happens
    The past few weeks have seen an extraordinary increase in awareness, and acknowledgement, that sexual assault, harassment, coercion, and improprieties happen in the workplace with appalling frequency, and that perpetrators must be held accountable by their employers and by society. I hope that it will now be much, much harder for any American workplace to turn a blind eye (or worse) when an employee raises such an allegation.
    (Giving Thoughts Blog, December 2017)

  7. Marketers Reluctantly Coming to Terms with their Role in Fake News Crisis
    A new study by the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) shows that while marketers are now aware of their inadvertent participation, they are ambivalent about what ought to change—and are reluctant to alter their own business practices.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, December 2017)

  8. Fact of the Week: Some financial CEO bonuses were up 40% in 2016
    Financial company CEOs profited from post-election’s double-digit stock market gains, with some 2016 cash bonuses reporting staggering increases of more than 40 percent.
    (Fact of the Week, December 2017)

  9. On Governance: Should boards and CEOs care about COSO ERM 2017?
    The new Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) guidance Enterprise Risk Management: Integrating with Strategy and Performance issued in the summer of 2017 is an example of a new development boards and CEOs globally should consider a top candidate for their limited time and attention. 
    (On Governance, December 2017)

  10. Entrepreneurs Are the New Aid in Africa
    The Conference Board’s Global CSR and Philanthropy Council met in Accra, Ghana, in November to discuss corporate social responsibility in sub-Saharan Africa.
    (Giving Thoughts Blog, December 2017)