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  1. ESG rating and ranking initiatives - a necessary evil?

    (Sustainability Center Blog, April 2018)

  2. Comcast NBCUniversal and Cities of Service Join Forces to Help Revitalize Detroit
    This year, more than 100,000 volunteers will celebrate service during Comcast Cares Day by participating in volunteer projects all over the world. Making a positive impact in the communities where Comcast NBCUniversal employees live and work is a value the company embraces all year long. Businesses can ensure that the impact of service days like these lasts well beyond one day by linking their service projects to city priorities and ongoing initiatives.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, April 2018)

  3. What do online job ads tell us about Amazon’s choice for a second headquarters?
    Observing labor demand using online job ad postings for a specific company like Amazon is possible with Help Wanted OnLine® data. Most importantly, HWOL allows us to analyze monthly trends in labor demand both in real-time and historically down to the most granular occupational level for areas throughout the United States. Analyzing trends in online job ads with the granularity of Help Wanted OnLine® broadens our understanding of the overall U.S. labor market.
    (Labor Markets Blog, April 2018)

  4. What was the breakout trend of Q1 2018?
    By this time, you may have already learned that digital health funding during Q1 2018 hit record-breaking levels, as reported by Rock Health and StartUp Health. But, there's more to the digital health story than quarterly funding numbers. To fully understand what's happening (and why), you need additional context about the underlying trends and technologies making an impact on the global health landscape quarter to quarter. Here's one.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, April 2018)

  5. Confessions of a Teenage Nonprofit
    Nonprofits are like teenagers—they have difficult years, but with the right support, they can thrive and achieve great things in “adulthood.” The international nonprofit I co-founded, mothers2mothers (m2m), is now 16 years old, an awkward age for nonprofits, at least in the eyes of many donors. m2m employs HIV-positive women as community health workers.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, April 2018)

  6. Inherent Negatives: A Strategic Wake-Up Call for Tech Companies?
    The radical transparency of the new social landscape has empowered 24/7 auditors of corporate behavior, disrupting business with an astonishing velocity and creating a degree of angst for many c-suites and boards of directors.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, April 2018)

  7. SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson and Perpetual Dual Class Shares
    The elimination of perpetual dual class shares in IPOs is a solution without a real problem to solve. Of the 19 companies that utilized dual class shares in their IPOs in 2015 perhaps 50 percent used a perpetual structure.
    (On Governance, April 2018)

  8. More and Better: The Growing Corporate Volunteer Movement
    For years, “more” and “better” have been the shorthand goals of the volunteerism movement. Inspiring more people to volunteer and finding opportunities for that support to be of the most value to communities and causes has been the mission. During National Volunteer Week (April 15-21), we celebrate the impact of volunteer service here in the U.S., and the power of changemakers to come together to tackle tough challenges and build stronger, more vibrant communities.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, April 2018)

  9. Tariffs or no tariffs, the pickup in global trade won’t last
    Slow trade growth will be the dominant feature of the world economy in the coming decade, not because of the latest tariff dispute between the US and China, but because of three longer-term trends, argue Ilaria Maselli and Ataman Ozyildirim.
    (Global Economy Center Blog, April 2018)

  10. 3 Ways Talent Executives Can Accelerate Innovation in 2018
    Managing culture, embracing metrics and pursuing evolving technologies are among the top priorities talent leaders should focus on in the New Year.
    (Innovation & Productivity Blog, April 2018)