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Europe Blogs


  1. E-commerce continues to grow among U.S. consumers
    Our March 2018 Consumer Confidence Survey shows evidence that e-commerce continues to grow among U.S. consumers of most age and income groups.
    (Consumer Dynamics Center Blog, June 2018)

  2. A Culture of Responsibility
    “Culture” is the word of the moment: societal culture, organizational culture, corporate culture. The media blames culture—and rightfully so—when things at an organization go bad, referencing it as the reason for why people break the rules, disrespect others and go against societal values. But culture is also a good thing that leads to innovation, accomplishment and integrity. Managing culture is the responsibility of everyone in an organization and the board should set the tone.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, June 2018)

  3. Are You Sure You’re Working With The Right B2B Influencer?
    Influencer marketing in the B2B world is a viable strategy, and there are real influencers out there who can help you achieve real marketing and business results. But they are not all created equal. Pick the wrong type of influencer and you won’t get the return you’re after.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, June 2018)

  4. Fourteen Social Media Advertising Lessons Inspired by Vero's Success
    With the recent controversy surrounding Facebook oversharing users’ personal data, a lesser-known social media app is surging with downloads, according to a report by CNBC. Vero promises never to share personal data and to stay ad free. Fourteen members of Forbes Communications Council weigh in on what brands should learn from Vero’s success when it comes to their own social media advertising efforts. Here is what they had to say.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, June 2018)

  5. Confronting the Wave: Revitalizing Local Food Districts While Strengthening Racial Equity
    Michigan nonprofit Eastern Market Corporation (EMC) was created in 2006 to revitalize Detroit’s public market and adjacent food district. EMC has pivoted from priming the pump to confronting this wave to ensure that the market’s core values are not lost and that racial equity is strengthened as a tsunami of new real estate investment hits the Eastern Market District.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, June 2018)

  6. All Signs Point to Much Stronger Environmental Protection in China
    Last winter’s air pollution control plan in the larger Beijing area was unprecedented both in scale and intensity. The action plan was part of a much broader, central government-led effort to tackle China’s pervasive air pollution problem and significantly ramp up environmental protection efforts in general. It is highly unlikely at this point that the government will backtrack on this issue, given the long-term economic and political ramifications of doing so.
    (Sustainability Center Blog, June 2018)

  7. Deloitte Releases its Audit Committee Resource Guide
    Deloitte’s Center for Board Effectiveness, a member of The Conference Board Governance Center, has released its 2018 Audit Committee Resource Guide. It offers practical considerations and resources to help audit committee members execute their responsibilities by outlining regulatory requirements, questions to consider, and tools and resources available from governance organizations.
    (The Governance Center Blog, May 2018)

  8. Big Changes Ahead in the PR Industry
    If you’re studying PR, or you’re working in the industry, the recent study from USC Annenberg should be by your bedside. The report covers the disruption of the PR industry, what’s changing, what talent is needed in the new model of PR, and where the industry is headed. Here’s the Cliff Notes version.
    (Society for New Communications Research Blog, May 2018)

  9. Philanthropic Gifts to Support People with Disabilities also Support a Third of Your Workforce
    Through corporate philanthropy, employers not only support the communities and societies in which they operate, they signal their company’s values and priorities to their own employees. By choosing to support people with disabilities through philanthropic efforts, companies also signal support for nearly a third of their workforce.
    (Citizenship and Philanthropy Blog, May 2018)

  10. New Research from the Governance Center
    During the second quarter of 2018, the Governance Center released three pieces of research that cover the activist hedge funds’ perspective on the corporate director job, ESG ratings and ranking initiatives, and the EU Circular Economy legislative package.
    (The Governance Center Blog, May 2018)