Growth, Productivity & Competitiveness Publications


  1. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2016: Will Greater Uncertainty Lead to Business Investment Paralysis?

    September 2016 | Key Business Issues

    Will greater uncertainty lead to business investment paralysis? In this issue of StraightTalk, Chief Economist Bart van Ark looks at the business implications of economic uncertainty and weakening of US corporate profits.

  2. China Center Quick Note: China's New "Going Out"

    August 2016 | China Center Publications

    China’s previous Going Out campaign was dominated by large, old-economy, industrial SOEs, but that has changed rapidly over the past two years; new key players – both State and private – are now focused on new-economy innovation prizes.

  3. Brexit Effect: Unpacking the Impact of Uncertainty on the Economy

    August 2016 | Executive Action Report

    Low confidence, high uncertainty, and postponed investment decisions are some of the short-term impacts we can expect from the United Kingdom’s stunning decision to leave the European Union. 

  4. ICT Asset Prices: Marshaling Evidence into New Measures

    July 2016 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    This paper provides the sources and methods used to construct national accounts-style price deflators for the major components of ICT investment: communications equipment, computer equipment, and software.

  5. ICT Prices and ICT Services: What do they tell us about productivity and technology?

    July 2016 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    This paper reassesses the link between ICT prices, technology, and productivity. The currently available information on ICT asset prices and ICT services is put under a microscope, and official prices are found to substantially understate actual ICT price declines.

  6. China Center Quick Note: China & Brexit

    July 2016 | China Center Publications

    There are several ways to assess China’s exposure to the events in Europe, including examining China’s engagement with the UK and the EU in terms of international trade, FDI flows, and the RMB. Equally important, however, is to consider what Brexit means for China’s engagement with Europe on a geo-economic and geopolitical scale. 

  7. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    July 2016 | Economics Watch Reports

    Recent moderate optimism on the Euro Area economy has rapidly vanished as a consequence of the unexpected result of the referendum in the UK on June 23.

  8. StraightTalk® Global Economic Outlook 2016: Quality over Quantity: How Business Can Generate Sustainable Growth in a Slow Global Economy

    May 2016 | Key Business Issues

    Our outlook for global economic growth remains modest at 2.4 percent in 2016 and 2.7 percent in 2017. While growth rates between mature and emerging markets have rapidly converged, significant variation between regions remains.

  9. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    May 2016 | Economics Watch Reports

    Sentiment improved somewhat into the second quarter of 2016, but emerging markets’ economic fundamentals are weak and the growth outlook remains fragile.

  10. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    May 2016 | Economics Watch Reports

    The outlook for the Euro Area remains fairly positive but the recovery might be losing steam given that the global outlook is not encouraging. Meanwhile, the new puzzle to solve concerns inflation, which came out lower than expected in April.