Marketing & Brand Strategy Publications

CEO Challenge®

  1. CEO Challenges in the Gulf Region

    April 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    CEOs in the Gulf region reported a significantly different set of priorities than did CEOs globally, with strategies that reflect the particular business challenges of a resource-rich, energy-dependent region.

  2. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2014: People and Performance

    January 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    While CEOs see talent as the critical link in meeting their top business challenges, the 2014 CEO Challenge survey results show a heightened focus on customers and reputation and less concern about regulation and external risk.

  3. CEO Challenge 2010: Top 10 Challenges

    February 2010 | CEO Challenge®

    Respondents to the latest edition of the annual survey of CEOs, presidents, and chairmen indicate that growth issues will be their top challenges for 2010.

China Center Publications

  1. China Center Data Flash: Q3 “rebound” will fizzle in Q4

    September 2013 | China Center Publications

    China’s official economic data continued to improve in August from July, as expected,
    but this momentum is not projected to last into Q4 2013.

  2. China Center Chart of the Week: Falling home production is an opportunity for services sector development (part 1 of 2)

    September 2013 | China Center Publications

    Chinese households are spending fewer hours per week onchildcare and other kinds of housework including grocery shopping, cooking, and doing laundry, which is releasing demand for services.

  3. China Center Chart of the Week: Home production trends highlight opportunity to boost household consumption of services (part 2 of 2)

    September 2013 | China Center Publications

    Except for house cleaning, Chinese households spend more time than their American counterparts on household production, and the viability of service sector market substitutions for this work has increased. 

  4. China Center Quick Note: Protecting the “home team” -- the flagging and flogging of the foreign-invested dairy sector

    September 2013 | China Center Publications

    Multinational consumer brands appear to be under attack from regulators and state-sponsored media in China—if not overtly, then at least with aggressive, “nonnational treatment.” >

  5. 2011 State of the Future: Future Arts, Media and Entertainment

    December 2011 | China Center Publications

    Music, media, and the arts remain powerful tools for bridging culture, sharing diverse values, and creating new visions for a more evolved and peaceful civilization.

Conference KeyNotes

  1. 25 Truths about Sustainability: Insights from the Sustainability Summit

    August 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    There’s good and bad news in sustainability. Good: more businesses are taking sustainability seriously. Bad: for many, “growth” still means “selling more product.” The solution: sustainable innovations that also drive business growth.

  2. 25 Truths about Branding: Insights from the Annual Brand Conference

    July 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Brands are striving to amplify word of mouth in social media, keep their voice consistent across platforms, and ride the momentum of changes in the digital landscape.