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CEO Challenge®-60

  1. CEO Challenges in the Gulf Region

    April 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    CEOs in the Gulf region reported a significantly different set of priorities than did CEOs globally, with strategies that reflect the particular business challenges of a resource-rich, energy-dependent region.

  2. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2014: People and Performance

    January 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    While CEOs see talent as the critical link in meeting their top business challenges, the 2014 CEO Challenge survey results show a heightened focus on customers and reputation and less concern about regulation and external risk.

China Center Publications-60

  1. China Center Quick Note: China's New "Going Out"

    August 2016 | China Center Publications

    China’s previous Going Out campaign was dominated by large, old-economy, industrial SOEs, but that has changed rapidly over the past two years; new key players – both State and private – are now focused on new-economy innovation prizes.

  2. China Center Quick Note: China & Brexit

    July 2016 | China Center Publications

    There are several ways to assess China’s exposure to the events in Europe, including examining China’s engagement with the UK and the EU in terms of international trade, FDI flows, and the RMB. Equally important, however, is to consider what Brexit means for China’s engagement with Europe on a geo-economic and geopolitical scale. 

  3. China Center Quick Note: China's 2015 GDP Assessment

    March 2016 | China Center Publications

    In collaboration with Professor Harry Wu, The Conference Board recently completed an alternative GDP estimate for China for 2015 as well as a revision of the previous alternative series, focusing on the period from 2000 onward. We arrive at an estimate of 3.8 percent growth for 2015. 

  4. China Center Data Flash: NPC steps up policy response as growth sags further

    March 2016 | China Center Publications

    China’s economy has once again started off the year on a weak footing. Last week the Customs Bureau revealed that exports shrank by a full 25 percent in February – indicating a terrible external environment on top of the domestic sluggishness. 

  5. China Center Quick Note: China's online retail situation – through the lens of express parcel business

    February 2016 | China Center Publications

    The rapid development and huge potential of China’s e-commerce industry are much discussed. But is e-commerce truly enabling and driving widespread consumption and economic activity across the far reaches of China?

  6. China Center Data Flash: Momentum is weak as China enters 2016

    February 2016 | China Center Publications

    The NBS announced China’s official GDP growth rate for Q4 2015, which came in at 6.8 percent, bringing the official annual GDP growth rate to 6.9 percent for all of 2015. As we have regularly written, The Conference Board estimates that GDP growth is actually running less than 4 percent.

  7. China Center Data Flash - Property sector continues to struggle as inventories are drawn down

    September 2015 | China Center Publications

    Some observers have recently been touting a rebound in the real estate market, and while both sales and prices have improved in recent months, it is essential to keep in mind that actual construction and investment in the sector are still contracting.

  8. China Center Special Briefing Paper: Appraising Industrial Overcapacity – the Achilles Heel of Chinese Growth?

    September 2015 | China Center Publications

    This China Center Special Briefing Paper examines China’s current overcapacity challenges and outlines its history, deep-rooted causes, and the likely impact on future economic growth.