Corporate Finance Publications

China Center Publications-200

  1. China CEO Council Session Report -- Facing Change: Sustaining and driving growth during uncertain times in China

    August 2014 | China Center Publications

    A summary of discussion points, learnings, business issues, poll results, and member insights from the June 12, 2014, China CEO Council, hosted by The Conference Board in Beijing.

  2. China Center Chart of the Week: China’s credit-to-GDP gap in the “danger zone”

    August 2013 | China Center Publications

    International experience shows that once the credit-to-GDP gap crosses a certain threshold, the likelihood of a financial crisis occurring within three years rises dramatically.

  3. China Center Chart of the Week: Formal bank loans - no longer the stalwart of Chinese finance

    March 2013 | China Center Publications

    This chart shows newly issued net Total Social Finance in China on a quarterly basis, broken down into its constituent parts. The share of non-bank finance has grown markedly.

  4. China Center LEI Commentary: Real economic activity remains weak – credit alone drives the LEI in June

    August 2012 | China Center Publications

    Interpretive Comments on The Conference Board Leading Economic Index® (LEI) and The Conference Board Coincident Economic Index® (CEI) for China, July 2012 (June 2012 data)

Council Perspectives-200

  1. Education and Corporate Philanthropy: Focus Funding for Maximum Impact

    August 2012 | Council Perspectives

    Developing a lens through which to evaluate each potential corporate philanthropy program is critical to success and maximizing impact.

Director Notes-200

  1. Activist Hedge Funds, Golden Leash Special Compensation Arrangements, and Advance Notice Bylaws

    December 2015 | Director Notes

    This report discusses recent cases highlighting activist efforts to replace directors at target companies.

  2. Business Case for Corporate Investment in ESG Practices

    July 2015 | Director Notes

    This report reviews empirical analyses of the return on investment in environmental, social, and governance initiatives and discusses why the positive correlations found by some academics remain disputed by others.

  3. Developing an Effective Climate Change Strategy

    February 2014 | Director Notes

    Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies are becoming increasingly important. This report details eight steps for developing such strategies and provides examples of companies that have done so.

  4. When the Debt Incurred in a Cash Merger Causes the Target to Fail: Protecting Target Directors

    September 2012 | Director Notes

    This report describes the potential liability directors may face if they approve a cash merger financed in substantial part through borrowing and the target company fails. It also offers steps directors can consider to help mitigate that risk.

  5. Financial Reporting Challenges for 2012

    February 2012 | Director Notes

    This report examines key messages and disclosure guidance issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to assist public company executives and directors in preparing and reviewing 2012 periodic reports.