Strategic Workforce Planning Publications

CEO Challenge®-180

  1. CEO Challenges in the Gulf Region

    April 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    CEOs in the Gulf region reported a significantly different set of priorities than did CEOs globally, with strategies that reflect the particular business challenges of a resource-rich, energy-dependent region.

  2. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2014: People and Performance

    January 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    While CEOs see talent as the critical link in meeting their top business challenges, the 2014 CEO Challenge survey results show a heightened focus on customers and reputation and less concern about regulation and external risk.

China Center Publications-180

  1. China Center Chart of the Week: China’s demographic shift has “officially” begun – at least according to the NBS definition

    March 2013 | China Center Publications

    This chart shows the breakdown of the Chinese population by age group. In January, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that the country’s working age population (ages 15 to 59) shrank for the first time in 2012.

  2. China’s 12th Five-Year Plan – Implications for Human Capital

    April 2012 | China Center Publications

    China’s 12th Five Year Plan emphasizes the “human factor” in economic development more than any previous FYP. This China Center report distills out the plan’s implications for human capital practitioners and executives concerned about HC issues in China.

Council Perspectives-180

  1. Sourcing at Home: Is the United States a Viable Component of a Global Services Portfolio?

    October 2013 | Council Perspectives

    The United States makes a good “and/also” sourcing destination and component of a delivery services framework, but policy roadblocks still preclude it from being a viable alternative to offshoring.

  2. Talent Management Tomorrow: Seeing Around the Corner to Meet Strategic Business Needs

    September 2012 | Council Perspectives

    This report, the work of eight councils of The Conference Board worldwide in the area of talent management, assesses the current state of the function and then “peeks around the corner” to see what challenges lie ahead.

  3. Employers and U.S. Public Education – Facilitating an Open Discussion about the Role of Business in U.S. Public Schools

    February 2011 | Council Perspectives

    A guide to be used by employers to discuss with employees why they invest in education and how employees can engage in those programs as well as become better consumers of education.
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  4. Go Where There Be Dragons

    October 2010 | Council Perspectives

    This report draws from the wisdom of 100+ executives on seven of The Conference Board Councils in Europe, the United States and Asia to define the global forces that are redefining the structure of leadership.

  5. Going Non-traditional to Create a Successful Shared Services Organization

    December 2009 | Council Perspectives

    Budget squeezes and demands for even greater cost savings are forcing shared services organizations to look at non-traditional approaches to help hold the line and improve efficiency.

Director Notes-180

  1. Global Supply Chain Labor Standards

    May 2012 | Director Notes

    This report examines the adoption of supplier codes of conduct and supply chain labor policies; a framework for implementing supply chain sustainability programs, and media coverage, proxy voting guidelines and shareholder proposals related to this topic.