CEO Challenge®-120

  1. CEO Challenges in the Gulf Region

    April 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    CEOs in the Gulf region reported a significantly different set of priorities than did CEOs globally, with strategies that reflect the particular business challenges of a resource-rich, energy-dependent region.

  2. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2014: People and Performance

    January 2014 | CEO Challenge®

    While CEOs see talent as the critical link in meeting their top business challenges, the 2014 CEO Challenge survey results show a heightened focus on customers and reputation and less concern about regulation and external risk.

China Center Publications-120

  1. China Center Chart of the Week: China’s demographic shift has “officially” begun – at least according to the NBS definition

    March 2013 | China Center Publications

    This chart shows the breakdown of the Chinese population by age group. In January, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that the country’s working age population (ages 15 to 59) shrank for the first time in 2012.

Conference KeyNotes-120

  1. Moving to the Next Level: Insights from the 11th Annual Women's Leadership Conference

    September 2015 | Conference KeyNotes

    Women in business have come a long way, but moving to absolute parity with men requires continued planning and even consciousness raising on the part of both genders.

  2. Creating the Future by Re-creating the Workplace: Insights from the 2014 Women's Leadership Conference

    October 2014 | Conference KeyNotes

    There is no question women make great leaders. Both organizations and women can take actions to move women further up the corporate ladder.

  3. Women's Leadership Conference KeyNotes Report

    September 2013 | Conference KeyNotes

    Corporations and society continue to struggle with the issue of women’s leadership, as the recent scrutiny of women’s work/life choices demonstrates. How can women and companies best address this concern?

  4. Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Conference KeyNotes Report

    September 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    The current macroeconomic environment gives diversity leaders an unprecedented opportunity to cement the strategic value of diversity for business success.

  5. Women’s Leadership Conference KeyNotes Report

    August 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    Having more women in leadership roles is a competitive advantage, but much of the potential represented by women’s talent remains unrealized.

  6. Senior HR Executive Conference KeyNotes Report

    June 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    As older workers are retiring and new technologies are emerging, many companies are having a difficult time filling jobs because job applicants and current employees often lack the necessary skills.


Council Perspectives-120

  1. Pillars of Employee Resource Group Success

    August 2013 | Council Perspectives

    In theory, employee resource groups (ERGs) encourage diversity to ensure that a range of perspectives are used to achieve a company’s goals. But what are the true benefits of ERGs?