Growth, Productivity & Competitiveness Publications


  1. 2010 Productivity Brief: Productivity, Employment, and Growth in the World's Economies

    January 2010 | Executive Action Report

    The recession left its mark on global productivity, which fell in 2009. With recovery expected in 2010, advanced economies will see renewed productivity gains but continue to shed workers.


  1. Appendices to "Internationally Comparable Science, Technology and Competitiveness Indicators"

    June 2006 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    by Robert H. McGuckin, Bart van Ark, Sean M. Dougherty and Robert Inklaar, May 2006. - EPWP #06 – 01

  2. Are Poor Nations Closing the Gap in Living Standards?: Perspectives on a Global Economy

    January 2000 | Research Report

    Have globalization's benefits spread worldwide? We address GDP growth as well as alternative measures of living standards to take up the question.

  3. Asia After the Crisis—Challenges for a Return to Rapid Growth: Perspectives on a Global Economy

    July 1998 | Research Report

    What will happen when the current crisis in Asia abates? Is the long-term outlook favorable? Find out in this report.

  4. Assessing the Risks of an Economic Downturn in Japan

    April 2011 | Executive Action Report

    The earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan will undoubtedly have a negative effect on Japan’s economy, but there is more to the story.

  5. Avoiding the Digital Desert

    November 2013 | Executive Action Report

    Globally, technology developments are taking place at an unprecedented and ever-increasing pace, but, in many respects, European policies and attitudes seem frozen in time.


  1. Big Data Doesn't Mean 'Big Brother' (Implications for Asia)

    September 2015 | Key Business Issues

    Human capital leaders in Asia should insist that their organizations build stronger capabilities in human capital analytics by reaching out to stakeholders, navigating data protection regulations, and garnering employee trust.

  2. Brands as Productive Assets: Concepts, Measurement, and Global Trends

    November 2013 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    by Carol A. Corrado and Janet X. Hao

    This paper finds that conventional measures misrepresent brand spending trends in the United States because those metrics do not take into account increased spending on social media and strategic marketing.

  3. Building the Foundation of an Innovative Culture: Human Capital's Role in Making It Happen

    May 2014 | Executive Action Report

    Although most organizations agree that innovation is important for sustainability and growth, few do it well. To help reverse that trend in your organization, this report presents four recommendations and examples from top companies for innovation.

  4. Brexit Effect: Unpacking the Impact of Uncertainty on the Economy

    August 2016 | Executive Action Report

    Low confidence, high uncertainty, and postponed investment decisions are some of the short-term impacts we can expect from the United Kingdom’s stunning decision to leave the European Union.