Economic Indicators & Forecasting Publications


  1. 2010 Productivity Brief: Productivity, Employment, and Growth in the World's Economies

    January 2010 | Executive Action Report

    The recession left its mark on global productivity, which fell in 2009. With recovery expected in 2010, advanced economies will see renewed productivity gains but continue to shed workers.


  1. 2013 Customer Experience Leadership Conference KeyNotes Report

    April 2013 | Conference KeyNotes

    Social media may have changed the retail experience, but digital technology has given companies tools for coping with and capitalizing on that change.


  1. Accounting for the Knowledge Economy

    December 2008 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    by Charles Hulten, December 2008. - EPWP #08 - 13

  2. Addressing the Talent Shortage in China and India: Leveraging Women in the Workforce

    January 2013 | Executive Action Report

    Women are underutilized in labor markets in Asia. Leveraging women in the workforce is essential to resolve this talent shortage and promote both social and economic development in these countries.

  3. Answering the 2011 CEO Challenge: Accelerating Growth through Quality

    June 2011 | Council Perspectives

    This Council Perspective examines the role the quality function can play in meeting the top challenges identified in the latest edition of The Conference Board CEO Challenge™, an annual survey of top executives.

  4. Appendices to "Internationally Comparable Science, Technology and Competitiveness Indicators"

    June 2006 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    by Robert H. McGuckin, Bart van Ark, Sean M. Dougherty and Robert Inklaar, May 2006. - EPWP #06 – 01

  5. Are Indian and Chinese Leaders Up to the Job?

    October 2013 | The Conference Board Review

    Economic growth in China and India depends on the quality of companies' senior leaders. DDI's Rich Wellins argues that those leaders have too high an opinion of their own abilities.

  6. Are Poor Nations Closing the Gap in Living Standards?: Perspectives on a Global Economy

    January 2000 | Research Report

    Have globalization's benefits spread worldwide? We address GDP growth as well as alternative measures of living standards to take up the question.

  7. Asia After the Crisis—Challenges for a Return to Rapid Growth: Perspectives on a Global Economy

    July 1998 | Research Report

    What will happen when the current crisis in Asia abates? Is the long-term outlook favorable? Find out in this report.

  8. Assessing the Risks of an Economic Downturn in Japan

    April 2011 | Executive Action Report

    The earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan will undoubtedly have a negative effect on Japan’s economy, but there is more to the story.