Risk Management Publications


  1. 2011 Enterprise Risk Management Conference KeyNotes Report

    February 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is evolving beyond compliance to become a more integral part of strategy.


  1. 2012 Enterprise Risk Management Conference KeyNotes Report

    March 2013 | Conference KeyNotes

    Enterprise risk management is not a stand-alone process. Instead, it needs to be tied to decision making and business strategy.


  1. 2013 Succession Management Conference KeyNotes Report

    November 2013 | Conference KeyNotes

    Succession management should be integrated into every phase of strategic planning, not isolated as an HR activity. If not, the organization may not take it seriously.

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  1. 25 Truths about M&A: Insights from the 3rd Annual Corporate Development Conference

    December 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Although mergers & acquisitions activity in early 2016 declined from 2015’s record levels, nearly half of CEOs expect to conduct a domestic transaction this year, and a third expect to do a cross-border deal. 

  2. 25 Truths about Talent Acquisition: Insights from the 3rd Annual Talent Acquisition Conference

    November 2016 | Conference KeyNotes

    Talent acquisition is no longer a support function—it is a strategic partner that can help a company make money. Attracting the right people is the big challenge.


  1. Beyond Compliance: The Future of Risk Management

    January 2005 | Executive Action Report

    According to recent interviews with business managers, Enterprise Risk Management is gaining ground as a comprehensive approach for evaluating activities and assessing a multitude of risks associated with conducting business.

  2. Big Data Doesn't Mean 'Big Brother' (Implications for Legal and Risk Officers)

    May 2015 | Key Business Issues

    Organizations at the leading edge of HCA are using new sources of workforce data to gain competitive advantage. However, these practices raise privacy, legal, and ethical concerns.

  3. Board Oversight of Long-Term Value Creation and Preservation: What needs to change?

    July 2017 | Director Notes

    This report provides a new approach for board risk oversight of company long-term value creation called objective centric ERM and internal audit.

  4. Board Oversight of Management’s Risk Appetite and Tolerance

    December 2012 | Director Notes

    This Director Notes analyzes the handicaps created by current risk oversight and assurance approaches and tools, highlights six goals for boards in executing their risk oversight duties, and provides practical advice for directors on how to achieve them.

  5. Building Risk Awareness into Performance: Integrating ERM and Performance Management

    September 2009 | Research Report

    This report explores the reasons behind the lack of ERM and performance management integration through an examination of the results of a survey of 97 senior executives.