Marketing & Communications Publications


  1. 2011 Customer Loyalty Conference KeyNotes Report

    March 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    The keys to having loyal customers include knowing your customers personally, knowing what they want, and delivering it to them, sometimes before they even realize they want it.

  2. 2011 Senior Corporate Communications Management Conference KeyNotes Report

    March 2012 | Conference KeyNotes

    Communicators have become closer strategic partners with senior management as they work together to enable the organization to respond and adapt to rapid change.


  1. 2015 Strategic Human Resources Communication and Social Media Workshops: New Structures and Processes that Drive Business Success

    June 2015 | Conference KeyNotes

    We are living in an era of communication 2.0, and that changes the nature and responsibilities of the human resources function.


  1. Are You Talking to Your People or at Them?

    March 2009 | The Conference Board Review

    Learning to focus both your message and your presentation.

  2. Are Your Opinions Really Your Own?

    July 2012 | The Conference Board Review

    HR departments increasingly require disclaimers be appended to employees' Twitter posts. But disclaimers are a flawed solution to a dubious problem.


  1. Beyond the Hype: E-nabling the Sales and Marketing Force

    December 2002 | Research Report

    This report describes the impact of e-nabling, defined as the implementation of digital and communication technologies for the purposes of improving performance and creating the real-time enterprise.

  2. Brand Evolution

    January 2009 | The Conference Board Review

    Signaling dramatic change or keeping it under wraps?

  3. Branding Challenges in the Great China Breakout

    December 2003 | Executive Action Report

    The domestic market in China for many manufactured goods is heavily saturated in several sectors, leading to stiff competition and squeezing profit margins. This is causing Chinese manufacturers to launch their brands on the world market.

  4. Branding on Site: Customer Relationships in the Digital Marketplace

    December 2001 | Research Report

    Done in collaboration with a Working Group of branding / marketing executives from 12 U.S. companies, this study examines how major firms are adjusting their branding strategies to embrace the Web as a new communications channel.

  5. Business Case for Corporate Investment in ESG Practices

    July 2015 | Director Notes

    This report reviews empirical analyses of the return on investment in environmental, social, and governance initiatives and discusses why the positive correlations found by some academics remain disputed by others.